298 Record of Ms. 7

"Records of the Shenzi.
Recorded by: Landon Stoffer

 Lerunda, the Divine Child, has had contact with the god of the winged races.
 The god, surprisingly, is a being called a dragon. A being that is huge and strong. One day I would like to meet the God of the Winged Ones.
 If the god allows me to do so, I would love to hear and write about many things.

 Lerunda's interactions with the winged gods led him to learn which of them he favored.
 The god of the sky. God of the heavens.
 God of the sky. God of the heavens. God of the things that run free in the sky, as it is called.
 That made sense to me. Lerunda was highly favored by gryphons, sky horses, wind spirits, winged ones, and those who could fly.
 Although she is now on good terms with the beastmen and elves, she did not start out on good terms with them. She was wary of Lernda at first, and it was through her efforts that Lernda was able to build the relationship she has now.

 And Lernda heard about the divine child from the god Sawayama. I want to talk to that god at all costs.
 And yet, Lernda got a new contract beast.
 He didn't expect to have a dragon as a contracted beast. The newborn dragons, though young, already exuded majesty.
 It was also good that Lerunda was recognized by their gods and could make friends with them. Having a race that can fly on your side is an advantage in itself.

 I also learned a little about Phyto's abilities now that he has become a Knight of the Divine Child. His power is very interesting.
 It affects anyone who sees Phyto dancing.
 The power to affect people no matter how far away they are is a very powerful force. However, Phyto's power as a "Knight of the Divine Child" needs to be used with proper consideration.
 If the power is offered to a hostile party, it will be unnoticeable. As for Lernda, the Divine Child, there is a possibility that Fito, the Divine Knight, will be kidnapped if he is known to the wrong people.
 In fact, Lelanda, as a divine child, might be able to avert danger to herself, but Fito might be in danger because he would not have such abilities.
 In the process of building this place into a country, we must be careful when we interact with the outside world.
 That is the role of us adults.

 A store has opened in the village. I'm looking forward to seeing how this will affect the village.
 People who have never heard of a store before are going to the store every day with great interest. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of stores will be added when more and more people come to this place.
 After all, Saddha's presence here is significant. Sadda's presence seems to have been a good stimulus for the village. For some reason, some of the people in the village are wary of him. They say that Saddha does not have the power to do anything to the village, but that is not what they mean. This is inexplicable.
 Lernda, the divine child, also says that he has no bad premonitions about Saddha, so it seems that there is no problem, but I would like to understand what he means.

 Now that Nilsi and the others have returned, I've been able to get some information about the outside world. They told us about the country beyond the forest, and about the ruins in the forest.
 It was all very interesting. There are civilizations in the country and in the ruins that I don't know about. I couldn't help but get excited at the thought.
 Contact with the country would have to be done carefully, but heading to the ruins, where no one lived at the moment, would be no problem.
 I'm supposed to go to the ruins. And Lelunda wants to go to the ruins too.

 For Lelunda's safety, it's better for her to stay in the village. But I still wanted to respect Lelunda's will. Even though Lerunda is a special being, a divine child, I don't want Lerunda to stay in a quiet place, like a little bird in a cage. I want to know what Lerunda will do, what he will see, and what kind of future he will show me.
 That's what I want to know. Besides, even though Lernda is a special person, Dong and the others said they want to let Lernda do what she wants to do. Just because we're worried about her doesn't mean that we should restrict her actions.

 Lerunda is now twelve years old. It's been more than four years since I met her. It's strange to think about. That's how long I've been by Lerunda's side, and I've never grown tired of her existence. I want to pursue the existence of the Divine Child to the utmost extent, and that desire will never subside.
 So, until the end of my life, I want to continue to record the existence of Lerunda.

 Some of the knights from the Kingdom of Migga are on their way to the Kingdom of Migga, and others are going to visit the ruins - it is not clear how they will affect this village.
 But what kind of impact will they have on this village? I am determined to see it through with my own eyes.

 --Records of the Master 7
 (She will record what happened to Shenzi. And I am determined to see it through with my own eyes.