300 girl and seeing off

 After the second spirit festival, we are living our daily lives as usual.
 Life in this village is changing little by little, but I am enjoying the changes as well.
 Little by little, everyone is working to develop this village.

 Well, today is the day that Ran and the others are heading for the ruins. The preparations that have been going on are finally ready.

 Some of the villagers and one of the gryphons, Lulmar, will be going with us to protect us. The more contracted beasts we have with us, the better chance we have of returning safely.

 Incidentally, Doonaea was talking about going to the ruins, saying things like "I'll go.

 Instead, we had to go to Mr. Doulouane's place together as a small trip, but I guess that was unavoidable.
 Mr. Doroian's place is safe and I want to see him.
 Even though Doornea is not Mr. D'Aulëan's child, but an alter ego, Mr. D'Aulëan is like a father to Doornea.

 Incidentally, the people going to the ruins were Nilsi, Ran, and a few others, including Berenik, a woman of the tribe.
 Ms. Berenik is a woman, but she seems to be good at physical activities. In the village, the knights of the Kingdom of Migga teach them how to fight, and Berenik is praised for her good muscles.

 I think that's great.
 I'm learning too, but it's difficult to handle weapons, unlike magic.

Mr. Lan, make sure you come back.
I'll be fine. There shouldn't be any danger in the ruins. And even if there is danger, Nilshi and Lulmar are there. Even if something happens, they will protect you. I'm also slowly learning how to protect myself.

 Ms. Lan was wearing the same comfortable robe she had worn when we first met.
 She looks sleepier than usual today. It seems that she's excited to be going to the ruins today and has not been sleeping well. This is typical of Ms. Ran, but I think it's dangerous to go out without enough sleep, so she should get some sleep.

You have to sleep well, Mr. Ran. The ruins may be a fun place for you, but it's dangerous if you don't sleep properly. If you're in the village, it's dangerous to go outside without eating or sleeping.
I understand. I'll take care of it.

 I'll make sure he eats and sleeps properly. ...... I glanced at Nilsi, a little worried.

 I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that. If Nilsi is watching me, I can rest assured.
 I said, "Please," and Nilusi nodded, "Yes.

 By the way, Mr. Ran has been with us since we came to the Beastmen Village. So when I realized that he would be gone for a while, I felt a sense of sadness and wonder.

 I wonder what kind of place the ruins are. What will they bring to our village?
 I think about the ruins that I have yet to see, and wonder about these things.

Lerunda, I will tell you what I saw when I come back from the ruins. And let's go to the ruins together. I will definitely come back here, so please stay well. I'll be fine too. If you have any problems, you can tell Mr. Dong, okay?
 I don't think Lerunda will get hurt or sick, but please be careful.
"Yes. Take care of yourself, Ran.

 Mr. Ran bends down and looks at me with concern. It made me happy to know that she was worried about me.

 I saw Ran, Nilshi and the others off.
 All the people in the village are there.

 --Have a good day. Take care and come back.

 Everyone's thoughts were the same, and we all sent them off with that thought.

"They're gone.
Yeah. Ran and the others have gone to the ruins.
I wanted to go to the ruins, too. ......
When they come back, I'll go with them next time.

 This time, the adults went to the ruins alone to see if there was any danger. The kids want to go, but they have to stay home.
 But he said he would let us go next time.

 I wonder if I should take Doanea, who is still small but wants to go, with me next time. ....... If I'm going to the ruins, I might as well take Doonaea with me.
 I'll have to consult with Ran and the others about that when they return, and discuss who among the contracted beasts I should take with me.

 With Ran and the others out of sight, we all went back to our daily lives.

 --A girl and a send-off
 The girl sees people off on their way to the ruins.