301 Girl and every day without Ms. 1

 A few days after Mr. Ran and the others left, I'm feeling a bit uncomfortable with my life.
 All this time you've been by my side. He had never left my side for days on end. So I was kind of lonely when I woke up.

 People were talking to me more than usual because they knew I was lonely.

"Lelunda, let's go hunting!

 Today, Kayu invited me to go hunting.
 Kayu said she wanted to go to the ruins, and she wanted to get stronger for it.

 I invited Raymer and Sifo to join me and we decided to head out of the village. Incidentally, she is still carrying Doonaea on her back. She says she's not a baby anymore, but I think she's still a baby since she was born less than a year ago.

 I think she's a baby because she was born less than a year ago. I'll learn more about it when I go to see Mr. D'Aulën.

 I'm heading out of the village with Kayu, Raymar, Sifo, and Doonaea.
 When they find a demon, Kayu walks up to it with a light step and hunts its life away in an instant. Amazing. It's amazing how light he is. With a sword, she approaches lightly and takes its life.
 I can use magic better than Kayu, but I'm no match for her in physical ability, so when I see this kind of greatness, I think it's amazing.

 In fact, I think I'm getting faster and sharper than I was before. It's cool.

Kayu, you're awesome.
"Hmmm, right? It's the result of hard work.
Yeah. You've been working hard.

 I nodded my head, because I knew how hard Kayu was working.

 Not to be outdone by Kayu, I also use magic to hunt demons. But even if you're only good at magic, it's better to improve your non-magical skills so that you can deal with situations where you can't use magic, which is why I also use a sword.

 Ran said that it might be easier to be able to do everything just in case something happens.
 I think she's right. The more you can do, the better it will be for the future.

"The sword, it's hard.
"But it's better than before. Lerunda's doing great.
I don't know. I'm glad to hear it.
I am.

 I don't think I'm good enough with a sword yet, but I'm glad that Kayu praised me.

 I think it makes me happier to hear someone say that, rather than to think that I'm getting better at it myself.

 After hunting for a while, I dismantled the demon and took it home.

 We sold them to stores or put them in the pantry.
 Saddha said that she would like to be able to open individual stores for cooking. However, she said that she would have to think a lot about opening more stores. Also, Mr. Saddha seemed to be sad that Ms. Lan had left the village.

 Saddha said that she and Ran are friends, so I guess she misses Ran.

 After the hunt with Kayu and the others, I had lunch. My lunch consisted of the demons I had just hunted and fish from the lake. I sprinkle seasonings made from herbs on it.

 Not everyone in the village is at the table, but it's fun to be able to eat together. It takes away the loneliness of not having Mr. Lan around. I make up my mind not to let her worry about me.
 I feel lonely, but I'm twelve years old now. I'm becoming more and more mature, and I want to be able to handle myself alone.

 Twelve years old.
 I think I'm more mature than I was when my parents abandoned me. But I think I'm still more of a child than most adults.
 One day, I hope to become an adult like you and Dong.

Lelunda, what do you want to do after this?
Lerunda, what are you going to do after this? "Today I'm going to go back with Phyto and Gaius to do some more tests. We don't even know what I'm capable of yet.
I see. It's important to know yourself!

 Kayu says this with a smile on her face.

 Kayu said she was going to study at noon. She often reads her aunt's knowledge or Ran's books. Other times, adults in the village would act as teachers and teach him something.

 Kayu said that she is not good at studying, but she is still trying to learn at least some knowledge.

 I'm taking Gaius and Phyto to the outskirts of the village to continue my research on the Divine Child and the Divine Child's Knight.
 Gaius' power, Fito-chan's power, and my own power.

 Even more than Gaius and Fito's power, my power as a Divine Child is unknown in many ways. I think it would be better for the future if I could do more.

"Phyto, if me and the daughter of your people's god are together, what else do you think I can do?
"All we know is that you can communicate with the gods, see into the future, that sort of thing. Lernda can't communicate with God, can she?
"No. I don't know God's voice. I've never heard it. I only dream about it when I'm making my Knight of the Gods.

 I can't communicate with God at ....... I wonder if I'll be able to talk to God someday.

 That's what I'm thinking about.

"Didn't Ran-san say something about gods being able to control the weather?
Yes. He did. But what does it mean to control the weather?
"Hmm, I don't know.

 I thought about Gaius' words, but I still didn't understand.

 I'm going to see Mr. Douroian next time, so I'll ask him then.

  --The Girl and the Days Without a Master 1
 (The girl, a child of the gods, spends her days feeling lonely without the woman.