302 A girl and a day without Ms. 2

"Let's go to Mr. Douroian's.
Pikey, pikey, pikey.
I'm coming with you.

 We're going to Mr. Doulourean's.

 That's what I, Doonea, and Gaius said.
 Since Mr. D'Aulëan's place was not that dangerous, we decided to go with whoever wanted to.

 When I visited Mr. D'Aulëan's place before, I didn't know what Mr. D'Aulëan was. But now, I already know what Mr. Douroian is.
 That's why Dong and the others don't object to our going to Mr. Doroian's place.

 Of course, it seems that children are not allowed to go alone. ...... But even so, going to Mr. Dourouane's place for a short outing feels like a big adventure to me. I guess that's because I haven't been outside that much since I arrived in this village.

 Raymer is supposed to go with me. Raymer didn't go with me to Mr. Douroian last time.
 He said he would go to Mr. Dourouin's with me this time.

 He also said that Biller and the others would go to Douroian's place and visit the village as well. As for the winged ones, they said that they wanted to be with Doonaea.
 As for the winged ones, they said that they wanted to be with Doonaea, and that they had no choice but to go with her if she was going to visit Douroian, their god.

 Shinomi also agreed to come along because she was curious.

It's a bigger dragon than Doonaea, isn't it? I'm looking forward to seeing it.
"Cinomi, Lelunda was the only one who talked to Mr. Drownean last time. I was so scared out of my wits. ......

 I remember that last time it was just me, Fresne, and Mr. Dourouian because everyone else was having trouble keeping a level head.
 If Mr. Dourouian will allow it, I would be very happy if you could be friends with Gaius and the others.


 Doornea is looking forward to meeting Mr. D'Aulëan. Apparently, memories are not shared after they are separated into separate entities.
 It seems that Doanea only has memories of Mr. Doroian's life up to that point.

 Sinorn and Sireva have agreed to follow me.

 We set off for Mr. Dourouin's place.
 The first thing we did was to go to Biller's village. This is the second time I've been to their village, so I'm looking forward to it.

 We all climb up the mountain together. We didn't encounter any dangerous monsters, and we were able to continue on our way.

 Gaius and Shinomi seemed to be enjoying themselves.
 The adults seemed calmer than before, and I felt as if I were on a picnic or something.

"Doanea, I think this is the first mountain you've seen since you hatched from the egg, what do you think?
"Peek-a-boo, there's a difference between seeing it as a memory and actually seeing it as an eye.

 I'm carrying a basket with Doornea in it. Doanea looks around from inside the basket and tells me that she is deeply moved.

 After all, even if Mr. Dourouian knew or saw the scene in front of him in his memory, it would be different from what he actually saw with his own eyes.

 Perhaps Mr. D'Aulëan and Doanair were originally the same being, but now that they have been separated into separate entities, they are completely different.

 When you think about it, dragons are truly mysterious beings. The mere fact that they can create separate entities is a mystery to me, and I am looking forward to asking Mr. Doroian many questions that I could not ask him the other day.

 What should I ask Mr. Drouin, what should I talk to Mr. Drouin about?

 That's all I was thinking about on the way.

"Hey, Lelunda. How big is Mr. Drouin?
It's much, much bigger than my house. Up close, I look much smaller.
Really? I've never seen a creature that big before.

 Shinomi had heard the stories from Gaius and the villagers who had met Mr. Dourouwen before, but she was more excited to see such a big creature. He smiled.

I don't ...... want to sit on my hands this time. ....... I'd love to talk to you if I could, but I'm not sure you'd be okay. ......
"Gaius will be fine. I'll be with you.

 I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who's a little nervous about the whole thing.

 Mr. D'Aulën said that it would be impossible for him to stay in a normal state of mind, but I think it would be fun to be able to chat happily with him someday.

 As we were talking with Gaius and the others, we arrived at Biller's village.

 --The Girl and the Days Without a Master 2
 (The girl is on her way back to the God of the Winged Ones.