303 A girl and a day without Ms. 3

I'm glad you're here.
I'm glad you're here. Master Doonea!

 We were made to feel welcome, unlike our previous visit.

 We were welcomed, partly because of Doanea, and partly because Doanea had brought us closer to the villagers than before.
 It's only been a year or so, but I was struck by how easily people's relationships can change when something triggers them.

 After taking a rest in the village, I decided to go to Mr. Douroian's place. Mr. Douroian lives on top of a steep mountain.

It's an amazing place. It took a lot of strength to climb up here.

 Shinomi said, sitting down on the floor as if she was tired.

 Shinomi sat down on the floor, looking tired.

"Good work, Shinomi.

 Shinomi smiles and accepts the drink.

 She sits down on the floor and stares at her surroundings.
 The scenery of this village gives me a strange feeling, even though it is my second time here. I wonder if I will come back to this village more often, if the scenery here will become commonplace for me.

 The winged ones are enjoying themselves around the Doanea I've been carrying on my back. When Doanea and Douroian are not involved, I imagine them spending their time more quietly, but I think Doanea and the others are special to them.

 They spread their big wings and took off into the sky, flying like they felt good.
 Oh, I wish I could fly with them. If I flew with them, would it shorten the distance between me and the Villers? That's how I felt.

 So I said, "I'll fly with you," and used my previously completed wing-forming magic to fly.

 Flying from the village where I live is different from flying in such a high altitude place. I feel that the air resistance is different.

 I couldn't fly very well, but Mr. Biller and Ms. Musserand, one of the women with wings, supported me.

"Magic wings are strange. "Magic wings are strange, but they're pretty much the same as our wings. We need to spread our wings a little more for air resistance.
"Right. Let's spread our wings more and go higher. If we can get the feeling that we can fly higher, we can do it.

 With Biller's and Muserain's words, and with their support, I rose higher into the sky.

 It was the first time I had ever been this high up in the sky, and I was nervous that I might fall. I'm flying much higher than the village of Villers, supported by the two of them. The air is so thin. I use wind magic to create a breeze so that I don't have to breathe. This makes it a little easier to breathe.

 If you go up far enough, you can reach the clouds. I thought the clouds were real, but even if I touched them, I could only pass through them.

 From a higher position, I could see a little bit of Mr. Doroian's body. Although Mr. Doroian's place was higher than the current place, I could see his place because I was a little higher than the current place.

 I could feel Douroian's eyes on me, or perhaps some kind of magic power. I thought that Mr. Doroian must have noticed me in the sky.

 After a while, we returned to the village.

I was surprised at how high it was.
I'm sure I'll be able to fly better when I get used to it.

 "You'll be able to fly better when you get used to it." That's what Mr. Biller said to me.
 The others, seeing that I had taken to the air with wings, were talking to me.

 I've never had winged people talk to me like this before, so I'm kind of happy. I'm glad that we can do the same things, talk together, and become friends like this.

 When we first met, I was attacking Phyto and the others, and I didn't know if we would get along. Now we're good neighbors.

That's great, Lelunda. What's it like to fly?
"It feels good. It's a different feeling from above.
I see. I admire the sky. I guess it's because I can't fly.

 Shinomi smiled as she said this.

When I can fly with you in any form, let's fly together.
"Yeah. That sounds fun. I'm looking forward to it.

 Shinomi smiled at my words.

 Incidentally, perhaps because I flew, Doonaea also said something like, "I want to fly too.
 ...... But Doornea is still too small to fly like that. I managed to convince her to be patient until she gets a little bigger.

 But she still wanted to fly, so Raymer took her on his back and flew.

 Doonaea seemed to be enjoying flying on top of Raymer. Doonaea looked happy as she flew on Raymer's back. She almost fell off in the middle of the flight, but Raymer was there to support her.

 --Time passed like that.

 --The Girl and the Days Without a Master 3
 The girl who is a child of the gods is having a good time in the village of the winged ones.