305 Girl and days without Ms. 5

It's nice and smooth.
It is. It's cold. What do you mean, harder than Doornea?

 I'm touching the scales with Mr. Douroian's permission. I don't know, they're still cold and slippery, but they feel good to the touch. When I rubbed my cheek against it, it felt nice and cool.
 The chinchillas seem to be afraid, but they are watching me and touching Mr. Douroian.

...... Lernda and Shinomi are touching you too lightly, aren't they?
"And Gaius, look.
Yeah, no, I'm ......
You can touch me.

 When I opened my mouth to ask Gaius to do the same, he looked puzzled. When I opened my mouth to ask for Gaius, he looked confused.

 Gaius shuddered and his tail stood up.
 However, he reached out his hand fearfully. He says, "It's cold.

 Mr. Villar seemed to be too afraid to touch Mr. Douroian, even if he was sitting near him.

 Sireva, Sinorn and Raymer are sitting facing us, touching Mr. Dourouin.

 And Doanea is sitting next to me. When she saw us touching Mr. Dourouin, she looked at us with a strange expression on her face and asked if we wanted to touch him that much. She looked at us with a curious expression on her face.

 It's hard to tell the change in expression of Doonaea, but since she's been with us for a long time, we can kind of tell by her little reactions.

Mr. Doroian, I'll tell you about the time when Doornea was born. You don't know what happened after Doornea was born, do you, Mr. Doroian?
"No, I don't. Well, I don't know what happened after we separated. No.
Well, I have a lot to say. I'll tell you a lot. And so will Doonair.
"Peek-a-boo, Father, I am...

 I think that Doanea, for whatever reason, considers Mr. Doroian to be a special person. Doanea is a separate entity in the form of a branched body, so she is probably different from a normal parent and child, but I think Doanea enjoys having him listen to her.

"I will be greater than my father.
"What are you talking about?

 What are you talking about?" For some reason, Doaneer suddenly spoke of his goal, or rather, his hope. Doanair wants to be greater than Mr. Doroian.

 But what exactly does it mean to be great? To be strong? To be famous? I thought that Doonaea probably wasn't thinking about those things.

Isn't it hard for you to move with such a big body, Master Douroian?
"It's not that hard.

 As for Mr. Sinorn, he had received a memo from Mr. Ran asking him what he wanted to ask Mr. Dourouin next time he met him.
 Mr. Doroian answered each question one by one.

 Mr. Douroian's body is so big that I feel excited just looking at it.
 I had an idea that it would be fun to slide down Douroian's body like a slide ......, but I don't want to say that I want to do it. When I get to know you better, I'll tell you .......

 It's fun to talk to each other. By talking to each other little by little, Gaius and the others seem to have gotten used to Mr. Dourouwen. It seems that they can't get rid of their fears, but I'm glad that Gaius and the others are gradually getting to know Mr. Dourouian.

 Mr. Villar's body was stiff, and he was farther away from Mr. Dourouin than anyone else. And if you talk to him, he answers with a shrinking look. Seeing that ...... Gaius and the others were slowly getting used to Mr. Dourouin, Mr. Villar's face was tight.

I'm getting sleepy.

 Doanair had been talking to Mr. Drouin a lot for a while, but he seemed to be getting sleepy because he was still small.
 Even though I was carrying her on my back, it was the first time for her to travel such a long distance. Doonaea, feeling sleepy, asked for permission from Mr. Doroian and curled up against his body and began to take a nap.

 Mr. D'Aulëan was often taken aback by Doanea's pompous tone of voice and her use of the first person "I", but I guess he had a special interest in his alter ego Doanea. She looked at Doonaea with kind eyes after she had taken a nap.

 Ms. Villar's eyes lit up when she saw this. To Mr. Villar, this scene in front of his eyes might be a page from a myth or something. .......

"Hey, Mr. Douroian.

 As Doonaea fell asleep, I decided to ask her something I had been meaning to ask her.

I'd like to know more about Kamiko, can I ask?

 I had heard some things about him when we first met, but there were still things I wanted to know. With this in mind, I asked Mr. Douroian.

 Days Without a Girl and a Master 5
 (The girl who is a divine child opens her mouth to ask the dragon what she wants to know)