306 Girl and days without Ms. 6

What do you want to know about the godson?
Well, there's anecdotal evidence that they can control the weather, but how do they do that?
How does it work?" "How does it work?" ....... It's not like I know how the gods use their powers, either. I don't know how the gods use their powers, but I do know that a man long ago had a godson who could control the weather.

 I looked up at Mr. D'Aulën's face and asked him, and he answered me.

 Oh, I see.
 Mr. Douroian has been alive long enough to have dealt with the existence of divine children, and although he knows a lot about them, he doesn't know everything about them. I've always thought of you as a jack-of-all-trades, but I feel closer to you.

I mean, if you have a question like that, you can ask Doonair.
Oh, I see. But I want to talk to Mr. Doroian too.
Okay. I don't mind if you come. And about what you said earlier, I believe he said something about praying.
Yeah. He is loved by God. They're not all-powerful, but they can still get their wishes to God more easily than people.
Prayer. ......

 Since Mr. Douroian mentioned prayer, I'll think about prayer.
 I report to God every day, and I pray all the time. If the prayers of a child of God are more likely to reach God, then I wonder if my prayers are reaching God properly.

 I look at Gaius and the others who are conversing with me and try to pray a little.

 --I prayed that it would rain.

 I prayed for a little while, but there was no change. I wonder if there are any conditions.

I prayed a little, but nothing happened.
Did you try praying right away? A little prayer is not enough. If you can influence the weather with a little prayer, you'll be in trouble when you're a baby.

 I don't have any memories of when I was a baby. How did I live when I was a baby? As a baby, I would not have been able to survive without someone to take care of me. Did my parents take care of me when I was so small that I can't remember?
 But when you're little, you don't have any memories, and I think it would be very difficult for them to have a huge influence on you if all you had to do was make a wish and it would come true.

 Enarei, the smallest child in the village, is always innocent, and Ms. Wetani is sometimes seen to be troubled by her unexpected behavior. Babies are unexpected.

 Some people in the village are pregnant, and I hear that the number of children will gradually increase. I'm looking forward to the new life.

"Yes. Then we need to find some conditions.
Yeah. Right.

 Conditions. Let's examine them little by little.
 We need to find out under what conditions it happens. I'm sure Ran will help us.

It'd be great if you could control the weather. Lerunda, I'll help you.
"Sure. I'll help you.
Thank you.

 Shinomi and Gaius, who had overheard my conversation with Mr. D'Aulën, offered to help.

"Lelunda in particular is the son of the sky god. Lelunda, in particular, is the son of a sky god. If that's the case, he'll be able to work with the weather more easily than the old one. He wasn't a sky god.
I see. What was the godson you knew?
He was a water deity. So he could make it rain. What Lerunda could do and what he could do would be completely different. It depends on the god you're looking at. I've never met a sky god's child myself.
I'll have to try more and get to know mine.

 I've been trying to learn more about myself since I became aware that I might be a godson than when I thought I might be a godson. I'm trying to increase what I can do, but really, the power of a god child is mysterious and unknown.

Mr. Douroian, what can we do to help you, Lerunda?
What? ...... You can just be yourselves. It will help Lelanda. I can influence Lelanda, but I can't help her. I have no intention of getting involved in the human world myself. Even if Lerunda is in trouble, I will not help her directly.

 Mr. Douroian replied to Shinomi's words.
 Mr. D'Aulën is not the kind of person who will help me unconditionally. And he has the power to take care of us if he wants to. --I realize that it's an amazing thing to be able to talk to a being who has lived through time, a being who is called a god to those who have wings.

As I am what I am: ....... Yes. I'll stay with you as I am, Lelanda.
Yeah. That's good. I can at least shelter you if you really have nowhere else to go.

 That's what Mr. Douroian said to Shinomi's words.

 I don't know, just hearing Mr. Douroian's words made me feel at ease. It also made me happy to know that Shinomi and the others were there for me and that they would help me.

 --The Girl and the Days Without a Master 6
 (The girl who is a Shinigami and her Shinigami friend ask the dragon)