307 Girl and days without Ms. 7

 At Mr. D'Aulën's place, we had a leisurely conversation.
 I listened to her talk about the Divine Child, but I also wanted to talk about many other things. After spending some time with him, I noticed that Shinomi had grown quite fond of Mr. Doroian. I guess it's easy to admire such a huge and cool existence.

 Gaius, Sinorn and the others were still uncomfortable, but they were gradually getting used to talking with Mr. Doroian.
 Mr. D'Aulëan seemed to enjoy spending time with so many people, which was rare for him.

 Mr. Doroian is worshipped as a god, and his existence has been feared. That's why he has never talked to anyone in a normal way.
 As it was getting dark, I went back to Bilar's village. I would stay in the village for a few more days, and then come back to Douroian's place for a few days.

 After that, I went to Mr. Doroean's place with just myself, Doanea and Raymar, and also with Doanea, Sinomi and Sireva. It was always me or Doaneer who went to Mr. Doroian's place.

 While I wasn't going to Mr. Doroian's place, I looked around the village of the Winged Ones, which I hadn't been able to see much of the last time I visited. Since I had made good friends with them, I wanted to get to know them better.

 I realized that there is a difference between life on the mountain and life on the ground.

 On top of the mountain, they basically don't grow crops, but hunt and eat the fruits, vegetables, and demons that grow in this village. They also make use of their ability to fly to hunt.

 For water, they use spring water. It is said that this mountain is regulated by Mr. Doroean's magic, and that it has a pleasant flow of magic, which makes it easy for crops to grow here. Doanea says that in addition to that, I have a sense of camaraderie with the winged ones, which makes it even easier for things to grow.

(Crops will be easier to grow. You can try to grow them.
"Do you think we should grow Doanea?
"Yes. Even though it's easy to get food, it's better to grow it.
"I see.

 After having such a conversation with Doonaea, I found out from Doonaea something that could be grown on the mountain.
 Doğrulönean's knowledge was great, and he knew a lot about the people who live on such mountains. In addition to Biller and his friends, there must have been other people who lived in the mountains in the long history of the world.

 Mr. Douroian remembers the information of those people.

 He asked Mr. Biller and the others if they could grow something.

"Do we have to do that?
"Doonair thinks it's better.
"Let's do it.

 He was reluctant at my words, but as soon as he realized that Doaneer was telling him to do it, he agreed.

 Mr. Biller and his friends, who are absolute believers in Doaneer, immediately listened to Doaneer's words.
 I've only been able to interact with the other winged people from time to time, and I hope to be able to interact with them more.

 In this village, people from small children to old men run freely in the sky. I heard from the villagers that the only time they lose their ability to fly is when they die.

 --The Winged Ones live here because they are attracted to the existence of Mr. Douroian and worship him.

 And because they have lived here for a long time, they have adapted to this land. --Billers do not use letters. It is said that they often communicate by words and sounds, so that the only information about the old Biraa people is what is passed down in words.
 In our village, our aunts used to teach us, and now Mr. Lan teaches us.
 Ms. Lan also said that this is why many people can write, but the smaller the village, the less able they are to write.

 Mr. Lan said, "It is a wonderful thing to be able to write. The documents and books left behind by those who could write in the past are important materials for unraveling history. It is easier to convey correct information in written form than in oral form. I would be happy if someday my writings would be able to convey history to people who will live long in the future," she said excitedly.
 I wonder how Mr. Lan is spending his time at the ruins now. I wonder how he is spending his time at the ruins now, and how many stories he will tell us when he returns.

 We went back and forth between the village of the Winged Ones and Mr. Douroian's place, and then returned to the village.

 Gaius and the others seemed to have gotten to know Mr. Dourouin and Ms. Biller better than before, which made me happy.

 --The Girl and the Days Without a Master 7
 (The girl, a child of the gods, goes back and forth between the dragon's home and the village, deepening their relationship.