308 Girl and days without Ms. 8

 We returned to the village from Mr. Douroian's place. When I returned to the village, Ran and the others had not yet returned.
 When I returned to the village, Ran and the others had not returned yet. Everyone who was still in the village said "Welcome back" to me, and I thought it was nice to be welcomed back like this.

 Going to Mr. D'Aulën's place was fun.
 But I think it's good to go on an outing because it's an outing. After an outing, I realize that this village is where I will return to.

 This place is important to me. It's because I've been to other places that I can feel this even more.

"Mr. Lan, what are you doing now?
"I wonder what he's doing. I hope I'm not annoying Nilsi.

 I hope he's not bothering Nilusi," replied Mr. Oshacio to my mumbling.

 I feel uncomfortable when Ran is not around. Mr. Ran has always been there for me, and I feel lonely without him.

 Mr. Oshacio and the others understand that I'm lonely and talk to me.

 I decided to do a lot of things to alleviate my loneliness. I tried to pack a lot of things every day.
 But of course, if I push myself too hard, my body might not be able to keep up, so I'll try to take some time off.

 I'm going to try to pray based on what Mr. D'Aulën told me.

 I don't see any immediate effects. I'm trying to figure out when that happens. ...... It's still difficult to figure out when that happens.

 I tried praying to see if anything would happen, but there was no result, so I decided to practice magic. Put some magic into it and make your wings form. I wonder what kind of scenery would be waiting for me if I could fly higher, farther into the blue sky. ...... I wonder if that feeling comes from the fact that the clear sky seems to be endlessly pleasant.

I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.
"Yes. Because I want to surprise you, Mr. Ran.

 I want to surprise you.
 I want to surprise Mr. Ran. I think he'll be happy to hear me praise him for being able to fly like this.

 I'm going to fly with Raymer. I'm not just flying, I'm also patrolling around the village. However, I have not found any suspicious people during my patrols.
 When I am flying, I sometimes encounter Villers. When the winged ones met in the sky, I saw them making some kind of signal with their hands. I was curious and asked them about it, and they told me that such a greeting is transmitted to them.
 Even though I think I've gotten to know them a little better, there are still many things I don't know.

 No... I've been living with beastmen for a long time, but I can say that there are still things I don't know. I hope I can get to know them better and become friends with them.

 After taking a break from running in the sky, I decided to study with Ririd, Kayu and Luceno.
 Even after the death of my aunt, her house - the room in the house where Ms. Oshacio now lives alone is one of the places where we study.

 Most of my aunt's books were disposed of when she fled from the village of wolf beasts. However, she left us a lot of materials even after we arrived here. Some of them were compiled by Ran.
 Recently, I've been learning from Saddha and the other merchants who came from the Kingdom of Migga. But that's only when the adults are around.

"Hey, you're going to have a new baby soon, right? I want a boy.
"Well, there's always Enarei.
Enarei is also a boy, but ...... I think it would be more fun to have a beast boy too. And Enarei would be better off with a boy around her age.
I think I'd rather have a girl! I'd rather have a girl, she's so cute!

 We were studying, but the ones who were chatting were Ririd and Kayu.

 Both of them seemed to be very interested in the new life coming to this village. I'm looking forward to it too. Only Enarei was born last year, but more children are expected this year.

I think I want a boy. I mean, a little brother.

 By the way, Lucceno's mother is also one of the pregnant women, and Lucceno seems to want a brother. But when he is born, I'm sure he will love his sister.

Which do you prefer, Lerunda?
"I'd be happy with either. I'd be happy with either a boy or a girl.

 I'd be happy with either. I'm happy to see another little life being born and growing up in this place.
 I wonder if I was like this when I was little? It's a strange feeling to think about it.

You're right. Either way, I'm happy for you! You're going to have a brother, aren't you? That's nice.

 Kayu's words made me think about my sister for a moment. I wonder how she's doing now. I wonder how she is doing now. I remember that my sister and I never had any sisterly interaction.

"Lern Da, what's wrong?
"Nothing. I was thinking about my sister.

 I was thinking about my sister, and Kayu asked me curiously. I changed the subject to Kayu's words.

 --The Girl and the Days Without Her 8
 (The girl who is a godchild drowns her loneliness without the woman. And converses with her friends.