309 Girls and Days Without Ms. 9

 Today, I'm helping out at Dong's place.
 I'm helping her with some of the things she's been doing while Ran is away.

 Some of the things I've been doing include writing a picture book about me, keeping a record of this village, and recording the harvest of this village.

 Mr. Ran keeps a record of all these things. I suppose it's simply because he likes to compile information, but he also said that such records would be useful for the future.

 Since last year, I've been trying to gradually divide the roles of the two. Nilshi and his friends are the only ones who have been able to go to the other side of the forest, and we're really trying to take shape little by little.

 Since you are not strong enough to fight, you will continue to do that kind of work even after you have done your part. I don't mind writing, but not as much as you do. I think that you will continue to do such work for a long time. I think you will always do that kind of work, because you like it.

 I wonder what I will be doing in the future.
 If this place were to grow from a village to something bigger, ...... I don't know what a city would be like, but I've heard that big places have lots of jobs, so I wonder what I would be like.

"Mr. Dong, is this okay?

 When I call out to him, he answers me.

 The more I write, the better I get at writing. I'm glad that I'm gradually learning to write better.

 Mr. Lan and his friends teach me words that I don't know, including how to write them. They also like to teach things to others, so I often have them teach me at home. There are times when I just nod my head as he tells me all kinds of information at once, but it's fun that way too.

 When he is writing in a hurry, his handwriting is sometimes unreadable, but his handwriting is very beautiful, even though it is officially recorded. When I see such beautiful handwriting, my heart leaps with wonder.

 We all share the work that Ran, Nilshi and the others do for us.
 After compiling the information, I read the records of this village compiled by Mr. Ran with his permission.

 Since it is an important official document of this village, I have to ask for permission so that I don't damage it.

 Mr. Ran's records include life in the village of the wolf beastmen. And a list of the people who live in the village. He said it was important to keep track of who lived where. There is also a record of where the tribesmen and Mr. Villers live, written with the help of Fito and Mr. Villers.

 There are a lot of records written from the time this village was established until now, and I think it's Ran's nature to write in detail.

 Incidentally, in the room where the official materials are kept, there is a picture book about me.
 ...... Ran is happily making a picture book about me. She is also working on the composition of her third and fourth picture books.

 I'm sure they'll appear in my picture books soon. I'm embarrassed, but I think it might be fun to have everyone in the book.

 Flipping through the pages. There were a lot of materials lined up, and I felt proud to think that this was the result of Ran's efforts.

 After browsing through the materials, I then went outside.

 I heard Sifo singing from the plaza, and when I turned around, Sifo was singing. The spirits were also moving around happily.

"Sifo, are you singing?
"Yes, I am. It's fun.

 In the square, everyone was free to do as they pleased.

 Sometimes the elves are playing with the spirits, sometimes the gryphons are playing, sometimes the people of the village are talking to each other - there is always someone here in the center of the village, and I feel happy and not lonely when I am here.

 I always enjoy coming here when I miss the people who have gone to the ruins and are not here in town.

 Sipho often sings a song.
 I join in and sing along.

 The spirits are flying around happily. Fresne joined in and danced with them.

 While I was doing this, Mr. Mykelt, an elven man who loves music, came to me.

Lelunda, I have a new song in mind, would you like to sing it?

 Apparently he had thought of a new song. Sipho and I looked at him excitedly, wondering what kind of song it would be.

It's a song about our village and the spirits.

 Then he actually sings it to us. She has a beautiful voice and is very pleasant to listen to. She also gave me a piece of paper with the lyrics written on it.

 I sang the song with Sipho, learning from Mr. Mykelt.

 If I can learn to sing this song before Mr. Lan comes back, I will be able to report to him that I can do it now.

 After returning home, I continued to sing the new song that My Kelt had taught me.

 --The Girl and the Days Without a Master 9
 (The girl, a child of the gods, helps the lady with her work and learns to sing.