311 Cats and Changing Countries

 Hiccup Migga has become king.
 --That's certainly changing this country, the Kingdom of Migga. But the country still has a lot of problems.

 I know that Hiccup Migga is trying to do something about the slaves that he has unjustly created. However, even though he has become king, he is not without his rebels. It is difficult to suddenly eliminate something that has been taken for granted.

 In the first place, the prince is trying to deal with the situation of having his life taken away from him and being reduced to slavery without any reason. But in the end, can we say that we are deprived of our freedom for the right reasons? ...... Or rather, a total ban on slavery would just create something else, with a different name.

 Some slaves were sold into slavery because they were suddenly deprived of their livelihood, like us, while others fell into slavery because they could not pay their debts. Others live as slaves because they were born as children of slaves.

 Now that he is a king, he can't do as he pleases. I'm well aware of that. I had already issued a law prohibiting the unjust increase in the number of slaves, despite the opposition of those around me, but Hiccup Migga can't move so easily in a country with so many problems.

 It seems that the non-human species that were working with Hiccup Migga are being hired by him, or are being made to accept him as a citizen of this country. Some of them were so consumed with hatred that their homeland was destroyed like mine. ...... Hiccup Migga accepted their hatred and looked them in the eye and talked to them... ....
 My hometown is gone. The village where I was born and raised has been destroyed by the kingdom of Migga. These people must eventually find a place to live.

 However, not all those who were unjustly enslaved were freed. It may be easy to order them to be freed, but that alone would have too many implications. We need to do it in an orderly fashion. The world is really complicated and not that simple.

 There are nobles who want to rebel against the king, Hiccup Migga. In the first place, Hiccup Migga became king by overthrowing and rebelling. Therefore, it is natural that there is a possibility of a revolt.

 Some of these beings are thinking of using the slaves as hostages to do the king's bidding without freeing them.
 ...... Because there are noblemen who think like that, Hiccup Migga can't show favoritism to different races any more. It's not just that Hiccup Migga rebelled with the slaves, it's that he's said to be pro-slavery. ...... Hiccup Migga must think and act.

 Hiccup Migga becoming king is not the end of the line, but only the beginning. If Hiccup Migga remains king, it will be easier for us to live. But if someone other than Hiccup Migga becomes king, we'll be in trouble again.

 Knowing this, the liberated ones are trying to support the reign of Hiccup Migga. I'm aware that I'm acting unorthodoxly among them.

 Still, I've decided that no matter how much they hate me, no matter what they say, I'm going to work for my goal.

 That's why I'm not going to change my attitude. I'm not going to get under Hiccuped Migga's thumb by saying I don't care about these beasts.

You're the most intelligent of the beasts. You're the most rational of the beasts. You know that serving that king is a fool's errand.
"If you want to rise to the top, join us instead of that king. And those fools...

 The ones who are trying to rebel against Hiccup Migga are coming for me. Eyes full of greed that only feel the need to use me for good, to make the world the way they want it to be.

 Just being in contact with these beings is exhausting. ...... soon reminds me of the past, and I feel like crying when I think of the days I used to spend in peace. Days that will never return.

 I still haven't found my mom and sister. ...... I'm working on finding my mom and sister, but even if I do, I probably shouldn't let them see how close I am to them.

 If I do, the same people who are trying to use me will try to use you and your sister.

 This country is changing little by little. But it's not yet the country I want it to be. If that world comes, I may laugh with you and your sister. But if it doesn't, I'll just go on as I am now.

 --A Cat and a Changing Country
 (The cat is still moving in the changing country. (The cat is still moving in a changing country. He is playing the role of the hated one, with a desire to help his friends.