312 The King and the Visitors

 I, Hiccup Migga, am the king of Migga Kingdom.
 --After killing my father and brother, I conquered the world and became king. But my path as king hasn't been smooth.

 There are forces that don't recognize me as king. That's to be expected. There is no such thing as a country where everyone is unified by the same ideology, and as a king, you have to listen to so many different ideas. The pressure of being a king is heavy, and I am not without anxiety about the future.

 --But I'm not alone. There are people who care about me and stand by me. That's enough to make me want to do my best as king.

 Nina came here once to sign a treaty, and then returned to the Kingdom of Fairytlov.
 The next time she comes here will be for my wedding. There are some people in this country who think that since you are no longer a prince with a low right to the throne, but a king, you should have another woman of higher status as your queen instead of the lowly fifth princess of the kingdom of Fairytlov.
 But I ...... would rather have Nina by my side than a woman I've never seen before. It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.
 I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've.

 However, there is also a strong feeling that I should not be happy like that after all the things I have done because of my father's orders,.......

 In the first place, making Nina the queen means that if I fall, Nina will also fall. ....... I'm a king now, and I've come to a point where I can't stand still. That's why I'm only going to push forward for my own purposes.

 --I'm not going to hesitate to do that.
 The time to stop and turn back is long gone. All I can do is keep going.

"Your Majesty, there is someone who wishes to have an audience with you.

 One day, I heard such a report.

 One day, I heard such a report from a beastman, and I was a little skeptical because the report came from a beastman, not from a formal procedure. But when I heard the story, I immediately decided to meet her in secret.

 This was because it was the knight who had sent me to the girl who was probably the Divine Child, and the merchant who had accompanied me. Those who had gone to the child more than a year ago and had not been heard from since.
 I don't know if they were able to see him after all, but if they're back, I need to see them.

It's been a long time. Hiccup--I was surprised to hear that you've become king. Congratulations.
Congratulations. Hiccup-- Your Majesty.

 They bowed their heads reverently and said so.

 I had the beastmen and dragons bring them into the castle.

"Make yourselves comfortable.

 I said, looking at them.

 They don't look exhausted. It seemed to me that they had reached the godson.

We made it to the child. The child is safe and well with the other races. The fact that Hiccup is now His Majesty means that there is less chance of any more trouble for the species he is close to.
Are the races that he is close to beastmen?
There are also elves, a flying race, and a race of humans with tattoos on their faces who were chased away from the Kingdom of Migga.

 I was surprised by the report.
 I knew that the Divine Child was with the beastmen. He was sure that if he was a godson, he would be able to survive in the dangerous forest. Still - I didn't think he was adding more and more species to his tribe like that.

 After all, this country must think about how to treat different races in order to avoid displeasing the gods. --If we tell the people who regard the different races as slaves that it is the intention of the godson, they will become quiet. No, but ...... it is better not to tell people that the child is living in the forest until he comes out to the public.
 If we are not careful, some foolish people may try to get hold of him.

In the village of Shenzi, there are also cat beastmen living. ...... The original village of the cat beastmen was attacked by the Migga Kingdom, and many of its inhabitants fell into slavery. The village of Kamiko wants to somehow free those slaves.
"...... That's what I'm hoping for. I'm not going to let those people who have been forced into slavery remain as they are. I want to free them, but the fence I'm on as king is too big, and I'm not sure how to move. If you can take them to the Divine Child, that would be better. We are trying to make life easier for the different races enslaved in this country, but ...... there are too many people who look down on the different races in this country.

 In all honesty, the fact that the godson is trying to free the slaves is something we can only hope for. Even though he is a king, not everything is free. If we push too hard, we don't know when the nobles will rise up against us.
 I thought it would be better for the freed slaves to stay with the godson than to stay in the kingdom of Migga.

 It may still be difficult for me to achieve my goal as I wish.
 --But surely, little by little, with the help of those around me, I'm moving forward.

 --The king and his visitors.
 There was a visitor to the prince who became king.