313 The Girl and Ms.'s Return 1

Lerunda, you've got quite a playground.

 I nodded with a smile at Kayu's words.

 Kayu had suggested that we build a playground for the children, and after discussing it with Dong and Silva, they agreed to do so.

 A vacant lot a short distance from the plaza. We are building a playground there little by little.

 Incidentally, we, the children, are in charge of this project. We decided that it would be better to let the children have their own ideas, so we are working on it ourselves.

 I am using magic to help them.

 I think it would be fun to make one too.

 I'm cutting the trees, I'm making them into something else.
 I guess you could say that magic is still easy to cast, but it's hard to make those small adjustments. However, by using this kind of magic, you will become better at adjusting magic.

 Magic is a powerful force, and it can even hurt people if it wants to. That's why you have to learn to adjust it properly, Fresne said.

"This wooden tunnel is fun, isn't it?

 One of the playgrounds I created with magic is a tunnel hollowed out of a tree. I'm hoping to use it as a stepping stone to create a maze.

 It was a bit harder to bring the huge tree than to cut it. I did my best to carry it with the help of wind magic, but I had to take breaks along the way.

 Some people asked me if I wanted to help, but I told them I would do my best and carried the tree by myself with my magic.

 I would like to make more mazes, but for that, I need to think more.
 It looks like Dundonga and Shinomi are drawing a map of the maze on a piece of paper.

 This tunnel-like wooden playground seems to be a favorite of the chimpanzees.
 I went through it myself, but it was kind of fun. However, if the tunnel is too long, they might think that the darkness is too long and scary.

It's scary when the darkness is too long.
"Well, if you're going to make the maze longer, you have to make sure there's light! I'm trying to create a fun playground, not a scary one!
You're right. It's better if everyone can have fun.
But you know what, ...... if some people want to, it would be fun to have a playground that focuses on scaring people!
I don't think it's ...... fun.

 I'm not sure what to make of this, but I think it's a good idea to have a playground that focuses on scaring people.

 But I wonder if that's fun for some people.
 Well, if Kayu wants to do it, I might be able to help her. I'm afraid of that kind of thing, so I might not go into it. .......

 I'm afraid of that kind of thing, so I might not go into it, but I'd like to surprise Ran with what I've made.

 They haven't come back yet .......
 To be honest, I'm nervous about when they'll come back and if they'll come back at all. ...... I'm always praying at the altar for them to come back to this village safely.

Lerunda, what are you doing today?
"Well... Lerunda, what are we doing today? - Well, I'm going to learn to use a sword with the others. It won't be as good as magic, but I hope I'll be able to use my sword better.
"Okay. Well, I'm going to check the forest.

 Fresne went towards the forest to see if I would like to practice with my sword. Fresne often wanders into the forest. As a spirit of the wind, Fresne likes to be in a place where there is a pleasant breeze and nature is abundant.
 She goes to the forest and moves freely. Although we are concerned about Fresne wandering around alone, as a spirit, Fresne is less dangerous than we are as humans. We don't have to go out in public unless we want to.

 I've been practicing with my sword, but Gaius, Kayu and the others have more refined movements than I do. I wish I could handle it better, but it's difficult.


 After swinging my sword for a while, I sat down on the grass and let out a breath.

 It's difficult to increase what you can do little by little, but it makes me happy when I can do it. ...... I'm going to work hard for that joy.

 While I was thinking like this, Frené came back from the forest.

Lerunda, Landono and the others are coming back.
"Mr. Lan and the others?
"Yes. They'll be here soon. I wanted to tell you that they're coming back.

 When Fresne said that, I was happy to hear that they were coming back.
 I told that to Gaius and the others, and they all smiled.

 And then.

"I'm back, Lern Da.
I'm home.

 Ran and the others came back to the village, saying, "I'm home.

 We said "Welcome home" to them.

 --The Girl and the Return of the Master 1
 (In the village of the child girl, the women return.