315 The Girl and Ms.'s Return 3

"I'm sorry about yesterday. I was going to tell you all about the ruins, but I fell asleep at ......!
"Don't worry about it, Landono. Don't worry about that, Landono. I'm sure he was tired too.

 When Mr. Lan woke up, he seemed to be worried that he had fallen asleep last night.
 Mr. Dong told him so.

 I think it's no wonder he fell asleep after coming back from the ruins. You're not a very strong person.
 I also exercise moderately, but I'm not as strong as the beastmen, so I might be as tired as you when I go to the ruins.

 I'm at the square now.
 This time, residents who want to know information about the ruins have gathered here.

 Of course there are villagers who are not here.
 I'm here because I have plans to go to the ruins later, and I want to hear what Mr. Ran has to say.

 Gaius and the others are here too. Gaius is on my right and Shinomi is on my left.
 Rilha, Kamiha, and the child gryphons are also here. Next to them is Doonaea.

 And there's Fresne on my head.

I will now give you an overview of the ruins I visited!

 Ms. Lan said cheerfully in the center of the plaza.
 You can see from that alone that the decaying ruins are something that Ran-san enjoys to no end.

 Mr. Ran's purple eyes shine brightly. I like her expression like this.

I understand now that the ruins were the site of a magical civilization in the past, as Doanea had said. I can't use magic, but I've been told that there are many places where remnants of magical power remain. If I could feel magic, I would have been able to do a lot more research. ...... No, but even if I can't feel magic myself, I can still do a lot of research. The next time I head to those ruins, I'll definitely do more research--
"Ran, now's not the time to talk about that. Just get on with it.
I'm sorry. I'll continue.

 I can't help but laugh at Ran-san, being Ran-san.
 When Nilshi warned him, Ran-san coughed and proceeded to talk.

You can see from the remaining artifacts that it is a decayed ruin from a long time ago.
 There were many objects of the same age that I had seen in the books I had read when I was in the Kingdom of Faeriatlov. I can't tell what it originally looked like without further research, but I do know that there was a huge country there.
 It must have been a very large country. If you look carefully, you can find some traces of it over a wide area. The land is heavily eroded by trees, so it is difficult to see the buildings without looking closely. ...... Still, it is a sense of history to think that such a civilization flourished in this land.
 I wish I could have recovered all the relics, but I couldn't. I wish I could have recovered all the artifacts, but I couldn't. I hope to recover them little by little and keep a record of them.
 Besides, the fact that there are traces of human habitation means that the land can be cultivated.

 The ruins, which I had not yet visited, must have been buried deep in the trees.
 I wondered what kind of people had lived in that place, which was said to have completely disappeared. How did they spend their time?

 I wondered about the people who had lived there, even though they were probably no longer alive.
 I wondered if I could find out more about the people who lived there if I investigated the ruins with Mr. Ran.

 Anyway, when I heard about the ruins, I was interested but didn't think about the future. But it's amazing to think that Mr. Ran was thinking about what to do with the site.

 Little by little, we are moving forward to make this place into a country for the future.

 For now, we are living peacefully, but we don't know how this place will change in the future.

 For that time, I made a vow with Gaius - to create a place where no one will be lost again. ...... I guess Mr. Lan is thinking of cultivating the location of the ruins as well.

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one. It will take a long time, but I would like to keep the remaining parts of the ruins intact and develop them little by little.
 Also, although I couldn't tell, I heard that there are traces of spirits in that place, so ......, maybe there are living spirits nearby. Even if there are no spirits, there is a possibility that there are various things left behind as remnants of the spirits' existence. I would like to look into that as well.

 If it was a country with a flourishing magical civilization, did it have a lot of spirits? 
 Or did the spirits there disappear when the country flourished?

 I hope we can find out on our way to the ruins.

 --The Girl and the Return of the Master 3
 (The girl thinks about the spirits of the deceased country as she listens to the lady's story)