316 The Girl and Ms.'s Return 4

It's not that you can't see shadows of demons as much as in this village,......, but there are fewer of them than in other places.
 Of course, it's not that we don't see as many shadows of demons as we do in this village, but ...... even so, there are fewer of them, and I think the reason for that is that there used to be a country there.
 It was said in the Kingdom of Fairytorff that in the past, magical civilization was more prosperous than now. I don't know, I've heard that nature was more abundant and spirits were more familiar. ....... There is a good chance that the country that flourished in this forest had some sort of magical device that kept the demons at bay, and that power is still alive today.

 Mr. Ran seemed to be enjoying talking about the ruins.

 Why, Ran-san? Why? I think Mr. Ran is the kind of person who feels "why" more than anyone else. I think there are a lot of things that he realizes because of that.

 Still, if I could have such a magical tool, I would like to be able to have it.

 Now that I'm here, I'm a divine child, and that's why there are no demons attacking me.
 From what I've heard from Ran, maybe if I die loving this place, it will continue to be less likely to be attacked by demons.
 But I don't know if that will really happen.

 I don't know how to make such a magical tool, and I didn't know that such a tool existed.
 If such tools can be made, it would be better to have them. But I wonder if such tools could be made only in the past.
 Or can people still make them today?

 If my world expands, will I be able to understand such things?

If such tools exist for the sake of this village, it would be better to collect them and analyze them. No, but if we do, the area will be destroyed.
 Yeah, you're right. It might be better to analyze that tool in those ruins. If we can recreate that kind of technology here, it will be good for this place.
 There's not much we could take out, but what looks like a mere tool may be something else to that country. Oh, my research mind is on fire!

 But I can't help but feel that Lan is really enjoying himself .......
 The people around you are looking at you with a slightly dumbfounded, but unavoidable, look.

I've been able to grasp the topography of the ruins to some extent, so I'll be able to look deeper next time I go to that place. I'll put this map in the vault, if you're interested in it.
 Please let me know if there are any parts of my records that are difficult to understand. There are many things that I cannot find out by myself. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.
 Also, yes. There are a lot of details to report, but I'll put them in the book. It's a long story for me to tell here. I'm going to go back and summarize the other information in detail so you can take a look at that.

 Mr. Ran seems to have gotten a lot of information.
 --She's going to compile that information into a book. This village has a high literacy rate thanks to my aunt. Mr. Lan said that because of the adults teaching him and Mr. Lan acting as a teacher, he can read and study better than in other villages.

 But it is true that the village where I was born and raised did not have books like this as a matter of course.
 When I think of it that way, I think that this village is blessed.

That's all I have to say for now. The next visit to the ruins will be in a month at the earliest, based on various circumstances. If you want to go, please talk to me or Dong-san. We can't all go to the ruins together, so we'll think it over.
 We are also planning to visit the country beyond the forest. Unlike the ruins, it is a place where people live, so we need to prepare more than we do for the ruins, but we will think about that as well.

 Lastly, Mr. Lan talked about those who wish to go to the ruins.
 The ruins are a place where people don't exist anymore, and there aren't many demons, which is probably why it's easier to get to than the country beyond the forest.

 I've already said I want to go there, but I'll tell Ran and the others again that I want to go to the ruins.

 I wonder if there will be any discoveries when we go to the ruins.
 I wonder if there will be anything that will benefit this village.
 I can't help but be excited at the thought of such a place that excites Ran so much.

 --The Girl and the Return of the Master 4
 (The girl, a child of the gods, listens to the woman's story and thinks about the ruins.