317 Girl and Fire 1

 I have expressed a desire to go to the ruins, but I don't know if I will be able to go there next. There are a certain number of people who want to go to the ruins.

 However, it seems that Mr. Lan has already decided to go to the ruins next time. This is because there is no one other than Mr. Ran who can tell what it is even if he finds something at the ruins. Mr. Ran really knows a lot of information. Looking at you, I thought that knowing a lot of information is a great weapon.

 I think I'm gradually learning more and more about various things. But I'm still not as good as you.

I heard a lot of things at Mr. Douroian's place, but it seems that Mr. Douroian doesn't know anything about the ruins, so there are many things I don't understand.
"That's true. Well, Mr. Doroian is a dragon, so he wouldn't come to a human country.

 Mr. D'Oroyean knows that there used to be a country at the site of the ruins. Mr. Doroian knows that a country existed at the site of the ruins, but he does not know the inside of that country.
 Mr. Doulourean is not a man but a dragon. He does not behave like a man. He does not know how people lived in the country or what they used.

But you went to see Mr. Drouin while I was away. ....... I would love to meet Mr. Dourouin too.
Next time we go to see Mr. Doulouane, we'll go together.
Yes, we'll go together.

 Talking with Mr. Lan made me feel at home.
 I've learned that I'm much lonelier than I thought I was.

 I used to take it for granted that there was no one around me, but now I feel like I've taken it for granted that everyone is around me.

"Hey, Mr. Lan.
"What is it, Lern Da?

 Mr. Ran looks at me.
 Incidentally, Ran-san was sitting on a chair, trying hard to summarize the ruins. He was writing something in his notebook and conversing with me.

Can I give you a squeeze?
"Sure. Did you miss me?
Yes. Yes, I missed you.

 When I said that, Mr. Ran got up from his chair and said, "Come here, Lern Da.

 I hugged him as hard as I could.
 Mr. Ran hugged me back, and I was relieved to feel his body heat and smell.

 I realized once again how much I love you.

I'm sure you'll agree that Lernda is a sweetheart.
...... I'm a little embarrassed for a twelve year old.
It's okay. No matter how old she is, Lernda will always spoil me. You can always spoil me as much as you can because your parents couldn't.
...... You're just like your mother.

 I don't remember my mother spoiling me like this. I don't remember my mother spoiling me like this, but if she had spoiled me, would it have been like this? --That's what I've been thinking.

 I'm now twelve years old. In the next few years, I'll be what you call an adult.
 Even at that age, Ms. Lan smiles and says it's okay to be spoiled at any age.

Lerunda is a hard worker, so when you want to be pampered, please pamper her a lot. It's not just me, you can also take care of Dong and the others, and you can even tell Gaius and the others about your weaknesses.
"Even if Lelanda is a divine child, she's still a twelve-year-old girl.

 It is an unchangeable fact that I am a godson.
 Recently, I've been feeling more and more that I'm a child of God.

Lernda, if I interacted more with other people, it might emphasize the fact that I am a godson. But at least you can take advantage of me.

 We talked for a while while Ran squeezed me. When Ran hugged me, I felt relieved.

 If you want to be pampered, you can pamper yourself with Mr. Ran. If you want to be pampered, you can pamper yourself with Mr. Lan. Mr. Lan said that it might be a good idea to pamper yourself with Mr. Nilsi, so I might try to pamper myself with Mr. Nilsi next time.

I'm sure she'll accept .......

 I was about to say something, but Mr. Lan rephrased. I didn't know what he was going to say, but he seemed to be enjoying himself, so I thought it was okay.

 Let's work on various things before we head to the ruins.
 There are also plans to make the playground a more fun place.

 Right now, I'm working with Kayu and Shinomi to build the playground.

"Lelanda, isn't this fun?
"Sounds fun! Let's make it.
Yes, let's make it.

 As they were talking, they could see smoke rising from the ground. The surroundings were getting noisy.

 As we rushed towards it, we saw that it was on fire.

 A house was on fire.


 The fire was being extinguished, but the fire seemed to be very strong.

 --A girl and a fire.

 (The child girl spoils the woman. And there was a fire in the village.