318 Girl and Fire 2

 It's burning.
 Red, in my vision. It's a blaze, and I'm trying desperately to put it out with water from the well, but it's not catching up.

 --I hear a voice say that it was caused by a lamp falling over and spreading the fire.

 I was stunned when Kayu tapped me on the shoulder.

Lelanda, let's help put it out!
Lelanda, let's help put it out!

 It was my first time to see a fire. My late aunt had always told me that fire was a terrible thing. We use fire in our daily lives for cooking. She said that if we were not careful with fire, we could get into serious trouble.

 Now, that trouble is happening right in front of me. I feel like I'm going to cower.
 But with Kayu's hand in mine, I joined the firefighting effort. I try to put out the fire by drawing water from the well and carrying water from the river.

 --But unfortunately, the fire, which was a small spark, spread to the surrounding area and would not go out. But unfortunately, the fire, which was a small spark, spread around and did not go out.
 There was a tense atmosphere around the fire that would not go out.

 What should I do?
 --This place is surrounded by a forest. This place is surrounded by forest. If the flames spread to the forest, we'll be in big trouble.

 --Is there anything I can do?
 What can I do to solve this situation?

 When I thought about it, I decided to pray, even though I didn't know if it would work.

 Mr. D'Aulën said that the wishes of a child are more likely to reach the gods. And that he could even control the weather.

 --Then I'll pray.

 --God. God of Heaven who watches over me.
 --Please give me water to quench the fire.

 Just meditate, put your hands together and pray.
 Kayu seemed surprised when I suddenly started praying, but she didn't say anything.

 And it seems my prayer was heard.
 It started to rain, little by little. The rain was getting heavier and heavier.
 It rained not only where the fire was, but over the whole village - well, more than that, with lots of clouds.

 In my vision, I saw the flames being extinguished.
 I was relieved. --At the same time, I lost my strength.

 By the time I realized something was wrong, it was too late.


 I closed my eyes as I heard Kayu's voice rushing to me with concern.

"That ......

 When I woke up, I was lying on my bed in my house.
 I thought about how it happened, and remembered that it rained at my prayer and I found myself passed out.

 I look out the window and it's still raining.

 ...... I haven't fallen down like this since the time I used sacred magic.
 I might have worried everyone. I tried to stand up, but I felt a little dizzy and sat down on the bed again.

 I feel like I'm running out of magic.
 I prayed and the rain poured down. Maybe it consumes magic.

 As I was thinking about this, the door opened and Ran and Nilshi came in.

Lerunda! You're awake. I'm glad you're awake.
"Here, drink this.

 Mr. Ran ran up to me and hugged me, saying he was glad. Nilusi offers me a glass of fruit juice.

Thank you.

 I sip it and let out a sigh.

What happened to the fire?
Thanks to Lelanda, it's under control. It's been a few hours now and it's still raining. ....... I'm not sure what to make of it, but I think it's a good idea.
 Lerunda, it is a wonderful discovery that Lerunda can make it rain like this. But I don't want you to do anything rash.
 I know Lerunda was praying for rain to stop the fire, but he should have thought about the scope.
Yes. In answer to Lerunda's prayer, it did rain. It covered a wide area. It rained in this whole forest. And it's still coming down.
Is that so?
Yeah. Yes. So, Lelanda, next time you pray to God like this, you should pray in a more specific area. Then I'm sure Lelanda won't fall down.

 Mr. Ran pats me on the head as he says this.

I was very worried when I heard you collapsed. Let's be careful not to fall again.
"Yes. I'll be careful.
"Gaius and the others were very worried. "Gaius and the others were very worried.

 Ran-san said and looked at Nilsi-san. I also look at Nilsi. Nilsi turned away, saying something like, "It's only natural to worry about ...... a sudden collapse.

Thank you for worrying about me, Nilsi.

 I smiled and said so, but Nilsi didn't look at me.
 I remembered that Ran had said that Nilsi should be pampered, and I found myself saying, "Nilsi, hold me.

 I'm going to be bigger now.
 I'm going to be a big girl now, and this may be the last time that Nilsi-san will hold me in her arms. When I thought about it, I wanted her to hold me.

"What, a hug?
"That's nice. You've never held Lelunda, have you, Nilsi? Lerunda has just collapsed, so why don't we let Nilsi carry him and show everyone how healthy he is?
"Hey, Ran! What do you think you're doing?
What do you want?" "Why won't Nilsi carry Lerunda? Lerunda looks so sad.
I didn't say I wouldn't hug ...... her.

 Nilusi took me in his arms.

 And then she took me to the others.

 --The Girl and the Fire 2
 (The girl, a child of the gods, brings the blessings of rain with her prayers)