319 Girl and Fire 3

 When I went to the others with Nirushi in my arms, they all asked me, "Are you okay? They were asking me if I was okay.

 I felt happy when they were concerned about me like that. The fact that everyone cared about me made me feel warm inside.

Are you okay now?
"Yes, I'm fine.

 Gaius asked me, and I said I was fine.

 Nilshi dropped me off and I sat down on a chair. Gaius and Kayu asked me some questions.

"That rain, that's what Lelanda did, right? That's amazing. How did you do it?
"Is that the power to control the weather you were talking about before? If you're out of magic, then you're using a lot of magic, right?

 I had been talking with them for a while about what the power to control the weather would be like.
 They seemed to be interested.

 When I thought about how I did it, I--I prayed to God. Mr. Drouin told me that I had the blessings of the God of Heaven, so I prayed to the God who was watching over me.
 Then it started to rain.

"I prayed and it rained. I prayed with the intention of putting out the fire, and it started raining ......, so I thought maybe praying was the key. But it doesn't mean that I can make such things happen unconditionally, it seems I have to use my magic.
But there must be a trigger, right? When I prayed lightly before, the weather didn't move.
Hmm, I wonder if I'm really praying or not. ....... I'm wondering if you'll hear my prayers when I really need them.

 I don't know what kind of criteria God uses to select people. I don't know by what criteria God selects. He just watches over me and helps me sometimes.
 Maybe God can tell me if I really need him or not.

 The place that burned down in the fire is still intact and needs to be rebuilt. I feel a little depressed, saying, "It would have been better if we could have put out the fire before it burned so much. ......

What are you depressed about, be more proud.

 Nilshi seems to have realized that I was depressed, and he pats me on the head and says so.

That's right. Lerunda stopped the fire, so you don't have to think that he could have stopped it sooner.
We're grateful to you for putting out the fire.

 That's what they all said to me.

 I see. There's still something I can do. --Could I put out the fire sooner? That's all I've been thinking about.

 But that's not true.

 I'm a child of the gods... and I think I can do more. But I'm still a child, and I can't do everything.
 I realize that again.

 There are things I can do and things I can't do.

 Mr. Ran has always taught me many things. In one of his talks, he said that being a godson is often used and expected by the people around you. That's why he said, "People who see Lern Da as Lern Da are precious, so let's cherish them.
 --Mr. Ran's words flashed through my mind.

 So far, I haven't encountered anyone who has tried to take advantage of me, or who has high expectations of me.

 But I'm sure they are out there somewhere.
 I just haven't been lucky enough to have encountered them. Ran said from the beginning that there are people who will try to take advantage of me. Maybe one day I'll come into contact with such people.

 So it's a blessing that people are genuinely concerned about me.

"Yeah. I did my best.

 -- so I take them at their word.
 I did what I could. They tell me I can be proud, that I don't have to be depressed.
 I smiled, accepting that I had done my best.

"But next time, try not to fall.
"I'm worried about you if you do.

 "But next time, don't fall down." "I'll be worried if you fall down," they said, "so don't push yourself anymore.

 I'll try not to worry and if I have to pray to God like this again, I'll think about the scope of my prayers like Ran and I talked about.

 There are still many things I don't know about my power, so I will try to understand myself better. I'm sure that by doing so, I'll be able to help myself in the future.

 Looking out the window, it's still raining outside.
 The rain that I brought in...

 The rain continued to fall for a while.

 After a while, it stopped, and I went to the altar.

 --Thank you, God, for bringing the rain.
 --Thank you for always watching over me.

 That's what I kept praying. I hope that my gratitude will reach God.
 I hope that my gratitude will reach God, and that I will not forget this gratitude.

 --The Girl and the Fire 3
 (The girl gives thanks to the gods)