320 Girl and Ruins 1

"Lelunda, you're part of the team heading for the ruins. Let's go to the ruins together.

 Some time after the day of the fire, Mr. Ran smiled at me.

 There were many people who wanted to go to the ruins, and only a limited number of them were allowed to go there, but it seemed that I would be able to go there safely.
 Since I arrived at this village and started my life here, I haven't really been outside of this village.

 I've been to Phyto's village and Douroian's, but those were just my family's places. Ran and the others had been there once, but this was a new place for me, a place I was not familiar with.

 It made my heart flutter.

But there were many people who wanted to go, right? Is it okay?
It's okay. Lerunda is a child of the gods, so it might be more difficult for him to spend his time freely than now. That's why I want Lerunda to do whatever he wants while he can.
Will it get harder?
Yes, it will. That's true for us, too. We're trying to make this place so big that no one can touch it. The more people there are, the more crippled we may become. That is why it is better to do what we can while we can.
 Lernda's position as a divine child may be more restrictive than ours. We will do our best to keep you free, of course, but as you grow older, you will be less free than you are now.

 What Mr. Lan is saying is a little difficult.
 But I know that you are thinking of me when you say this.

But when you go to the ruins, please listen to our instructions. Even though we've already been to the ruins once, there are still many things we haven't fully checked. We found out that that place was a place where magic tools were developed, so there is a possibility that there are still dangerous magic tools sleeping there.
 Please do not touch anything without permission. ...... I was also surprised the other day when smoke suddenly came out of something I touched. It's a good thing that it was just smoke at the time, but if it had any aggressive magic in it, you'd be in trouble!
"You shouldn't touch ...... just because you're curious, Ran-san.
Ugh, ......, it's okay. I'll put up with it. I'll be patient. Nilshi and the others warned me about it the other day!

 ...... I have a strong feeling that Ran-san is going to touch something out of curiosity and end up in big trouble.

 It must have been very difficult for Nilshi to stop Ran. This time, Nilsi was also among the members heading for the ruins. This time, Nilsi was also among the members heading for the ruins, because it would be easier for the newcomers to look around if someone had been there once.
 I made up my mind to stop Mr. Ran from going out of control.

 After that, I left the house and headed for the children's playground, where I found Gaius and his friends.

Gaius and the others were there. "Lelunda's going to the ruins too, right? I'm going too.

 Gaius is supposed to go to the ruins too.
 Maybe that's the same reason as mine. Because of my prayer, Gaius became a Knight of the Divine Child. And because he can now transform into a giant wolf.

 If you stare at Gaius, he'll ask, "What's wrong? Gaius will ask you.

"Nah, it's nothing. I'm looking forward to going to the ruins.
"Yeah. Yeah, I'm looking forward to it.

 Gaius, like me, hasn't been outside since we arrived at the village, so maybe he's even more excited.

It's nice. But I'll be there next time!
"We can't go this time either. Tell me what it was like.

 "We can't go this time either.

 When Ran and the others told me about the ruins, my heart started to throb. I couldn't help looking forward to going there. I thought that I would try to keep the scene of the ruins in my mind so that I could talk about it to Kayu and the others in an exciting way.

"Yes. We'll talk a lot.

 As we were talking, Doonaea opened her mouth.

"B-b-b-b-b-because we don't have a recorder nowadays. Why don't you make one?
"Pikey, pikey, pikey.

 That's what Doña Ana said to me, but I didn't know what it was that could record a scene. I wasn't quite sure, so I decided to let Doanea tell Ran about it.
 Well, since Ran and the others don't understand Doonaea's language, I'll have to translate for them.

 Anyway, I'm looking forward to going to the ruins.
 I wonder what kind of things will be waiting for us at the ruins. What kind of civilizations of the past are there?

 All I know is the village where I was born and raised, the village of the wolf beastmen that no longer exists, the village of the elves and the tribe where they live, Douroian's place, and the village where I am now.

 So I was filled with excitement, wondering what it would be like.

 --The Girl and the Ruins 1
 (The girl is excited to go to the ruins.)