323 Girl and Ruins 4

 You wake up to the smell of delicious food.
 When you snap awake, you see a sight that is not familiar to you, and for a moment you wonder where you are.

 Then your mind starts to clear and you realize that you are in a ruin.

 You wake up with a strange feeling and stand up.

Lerunda, you're awake. Good morning.
"Good morning, Gaius. You slept longer than I thought.
You must be tired. You get tired when you're in an unfamiliar place.

 Gaius said, handing me a tub of water to wash my face.
 He said that he had brought this water from a nearby river.

 I wash my face and my eyes feel refreshed.

Good morning, Lelanda. Breakfast is already ready, let's eat.

 Mr. Ran called me and we all ate breakfast together. Having breakfast on the road was a strange feeling for me. After having a quick meal, we each looked around the ruins.

"Run ......, what are you laughing at?
What do you mean, we can explore the ruins now! I can't help but be excited.

 I can't help but be excited. He's been fine all morning.

You're more excited than usual, aren't you?
"Yes, Frene. You're more excited than usual." "Yes, Frené. ...... What's on your mind?

 Frené was a little dizzy when he approached me. I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.

I think there's a slight hint of a presence, but ...... I'm not sure yet.
That's right. ......

 Frené said, "I feel a presence.
 I wonder if there is something in these ruins. I wondered if that feeling was the same as the strange sensation I was experiencing.

 I wondered this as I walked around the ruins with Ran and Nilshi.

I wondered if this building, ......, was a church.
"How did you know? I think it must have been a church. I don't know which god was worshipped here, but this place must have been a big church. There is a possibility that they worshipped gods that I don't know, so it's worth studying. I found a piece of a statue of a deity, which I have never seen before, so I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of deity it represents.

 The little remaining building was somehow sacred in its atmosphere. I mumbled a few words, to which Mr. Lan responded loudly.

 He told me that there must have been a church here, towering above the surrounding trees. I couldn't imagine that such a large building existed in this place.
 I wondered how such a large, towering building could have collapsed so much over the years.

 While I was looking around the site of the church, Mr. Lan called out to me.

Lerunda, look! There's something on the ground.
Mr. Lan! No!

 Mr. Lan seems to have found something and tries to run towards it. He grabbed her arm to stop her.

I'm not going to jump out of my skin!
Are you sure?
Yeah. That's right. I'll check it out before I touch it.

 You say that, but I'm not sure if that's really true. ...... When I look at Ran in front of me, I feel a little uneasy.

Which is the fallen thing?
That's it! I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not. I'm wondering if it's some kind of magical tool or a household item from a past civilization.

 It's true that there is a small container-like object that has fallen in the direction that Ran-san is pointing.

 First, Fresne checked it to make sure it was not dangerous. Freneh is a spirit, so she is sensitive to things with magical power.

 Freneh said that the container was just a container and had no magical power.
 Ran-san takes the brown container in his hand, thinking that there will be no problem. She looks at it with sparkling eyes and seems to be enjoying it.

I wonder what this is. Was it used as a cup? Or something else? But it's too small to be a drinking cup, isn't it? Oh, I wish there was a written or pictorial record of the past. ......

 Mr. Ran said, tucking it into his backpack.

 I'm looking forward to seeing what he will reveal about this container.

 Afterwards, we looked around the site of the church and found many things that had fallen into the ground. There must have been a lot of things in this place originally. If you dig up a little soil, you will find many things.

 Mr. Ran's eyes lit up every time he saw them.
 But he couldn't take all of them home, so he tried his best to select them carefully.

 Then I went a little east with Frene.
 As we headed that way, we found a little puddle - a small pond. Around the pond, there were some large stones lying around.

 And in the middle of it, there's a small tree sticking out of the water. But the tree was no taller than my knees, and it looked like it was going to die.

 My heart was drawn to it.

"There's a hint of a spirit.

 Fresne's words echoed in my ears.

 --The girl and the ruins 4
 The girl looked around the ruins and found a small pond.