322 Girl and Ruins 3

 When I arrived at the ruins, my eyes lit up.
 It was the first time I had been to such ruins, and I looked around in wonder.

 I was surprised to see some crumbling buildings.

 I've never seen such crumbling buildings or the remains of someone's life before, and it makes me feel strange.

 --Long ago, long before I was born, someone was alive here. The fact that someone lived here doesn't feel real to me.

 I wonder how they lived here. The building looks like something I've never seen before. I wonder what this crumbling building was like when it was not broken. It's a little exciting to imagine. I guess you have the ability to think and imagine such things.
 I'm also curious about how people have been living in this place with you.

This place is amazing! I want to see a lot of things that I couldn't see the last time I was here. Hey, Nilshi, can you go check out that building over there?
Wait a minute! The first thing we need to do is to decide on a base. Besides, it'll be a disaster if we mess with the ruins and some magical equipment moves.
Not "but. I'm not sure what to say, but I'm sure you'll understand.

 I'm not sure if you've ever heard of it, but I'm sure you've heard of it.

 Nilshi stopped me, and I hurriedly cleared my throat.

I'm sorry I'm so upset. First of all, let's decide on a base for exploring the ruins, and from there, let's think about how we will explore the ruins. It is dangerous to act alone.
 First, let's set up a base in a place with a good view. Of course, we'll have to check if there are any traps or magical tools left at the site.

 Everyone nodded with laughter at Ran's words.

 But then again, this is our first time here, so we need to think of a good place to base ourselves.

 It's just a decaying ruin, a place where no one lives anymore. That's all I can see. I don't have a bad feeling about this place, perhaps because there is no human malice here. I don't have a bad feeling, but I also have a strange feeling, what is it?

 If we look around these decaying ruins, will we be able to find out the cause?

 With these thoughts in mind, the first thing we did was to decide on a place to use as a base. It seems that our previous base was around the entrance of the ruins. Since this was the second full-scale investigation, they were thinking of a more secluded place to use as a base.
 Of course, they will have to make sure that nothing dangerous will happen.

 But because it's a decayed ruin, it's hard to tell from where to where people used to live because it's been heavily eroded by the forest. There are many places where the whole area has collapsed and not a single piece remains. How can we find out what used to be here from such places?

 Would Mr. Ran be able to figure it out? When I think about that, I think that you are amazing.
 I think it would be fun if I could understand such things like you do.

"Mr. Lan, tell me a lot about yourself.
"Yes, yes, I'll teach you a lot! Let's learn about the old civilizations together. I hope Lerunda is as interested in culture as I am. We can do a lot of research together.
"Sounds like fun, Mr Ran.
It's fun. I can't contain my excitement. I'm so happy to be here again. What will I discover next in this place? Just thinking about it makes me excited. Oh, I want to check it out right now.
"...... Mr. Lan, let's be patient. Let's set up a base together and discuss it first.
Yeah, yeah. Yes, yes. Let's finish the discussion and go check it out!

 Your voice is louder and more motivated than usual.
 He's more motivated than usual, and his voice is louder.

 Then the location of the base is decided, and everyone stays where they are.

 I managed to stop Mr. Ran who wanted to go check it out as soon as possible, and we had a discussion. It was decided that two or three of us should team up and take a look around.

 Since Ran seems to jump out of her skin when she sees something she hasn't seen before, it was decided that me, Nilshi, and Ran would move together. Fresne is with me, so it's practically the four of us. We agreed that we would stop Ran if she was about to touch something.

 Rilha and Kamiha are going to stay with the others separately.

 However, it was getting dark as we were moving from the village to the ruins and preparing for the base, so the full-scale investigation would start tomorrow.

 After eating supper, I leaned against Lilja and went to sleep.
 Tomorrow we will be able to see many places we have never seen before. The thought of that made my heart pound with excitement.

 --The Girl and the Ruins 3
 (The girl is excited to see the ruins in front of her.)