326 My sister's choice

 Master Ninaev has returned.
 When Ninaev returned from the Kingdom of Migga, he had a refreshed expression on his face. Looking at his expression, I was happy to see that Ninaev had been able to have a proper conversation with the king of the MIGGA Kingdom.

 --When Ninaev looked so happy, I was as happy as if it was me.

"Alice, I will be married to Master Hiccup next year.

 Some time had passed since Ninaev had returned to the house, and he told her so.

 The people around him were excited that it was thanks to Ninaev that a formal peace had been made with the Kingdom of Migga. Ninaev-sama was going to be officially married off to the king of the Migga Kingdom, and perhaps because of this, the number of people in the house where I am now has been increasing.
 The maids of honor around me said that it was because Ninaev-sama had become an important figure in the kingdom of Fairytlov.

 Ninaev-sama is still Ninaev-sama, nothing has changed. He is as kind as ever. But I thought that the attitude of the people around him would change so much depending on what he had accomplished.
 Among the people who were sent here for Ninaef-sama, there were naturally people who were very hostile towards me, the one who was being carried around as a fake divine child. There were people who didn't hide their attitude that they didn't like the way I was treated by Lord Ninaef. Those people were a little scary, but Ninaev-sama and the people who originally lived in this house were kind, and it was because of those people that I was able to stand tall.

 I look at Ninaev-sama in front of me.
 Ninaev smiles gently and continues to speak.

"I want to talk to you about you, Alice.

 Mr. Ninaev says what I had expected him to say.

 I am known as the one who tricked the godson and disturbed the kingdom of Fairytlov. Ninaef-sama rescued me so that I can live my life now, but my position remains precarious.

There are two main options for you. One is to stay in the Kingdom of Fairytlov. In that case, I will prepare several futures for you. You can choose one of them. Of course, I'll put you in a position where you'll have a good life. The other is for you to come with me to the Kingdom of Migga. There are fewer people who know you here than in Fairleigh Troff, so life may be easier. But if you choose to stay with me, they will surely know that you are the girl who lived as a godson when you were not. Hiccup also said that if you want to live in peace in a place where no one in the Kingdom of Migga knows you, I can make sure that you will be accepted as a common citizen.

 Master Ninaev will show me the way.
 I don't know what I would have done without him. I don't know what I would have done if it weren't for Ninaev. My future is in Ninaev's hands, and yet he wants to let me choose.

 The path to stay in the Kingdom of Failytrov or the path to the Kingdom of Migga.

 Regardless of which path I choose, as long as I have a past as a deceiver, I won't be able to say that things will pass peacefully.

 --But I already know what path I'll take.

I'm .......
Before I answer, let me say this.

 Master Ninaev opened his mouth before I could speak clearly.

You are certainly not a divine child, but you were taken in by the High Priestess as a divine child, and this country has suffered some turmoil. Some people may say that this happened because of you. --But that's not true. I'm not saying Alice isn't completely at fault. But it's not your fault we're in this mess. The fact that the priestess didn't recognize your twin sister, the fact that she believed you were a godson and encouraged you to be one--these are all factors that led us to where we are now.
 Alice thanked me, and I'm glad she did. But I didn't take you in to be thanked by you. I took you in because that's what I wanted to do. I decided to act, and I did. You don't have to feel anything about it.
 So, ......, I don't want you to decide the future for me. You don't have to worry about me. I didn't take you in to limit your future.
 --Your future is yours, no matter what you've been through. Your future is yours, no matter what your past. ...... I want you to choose your future according to what you truly and sincerely want.

 Ninaev looked me straight in the eye and said.

 Ninaef-sama's words made my heart ache.
 Ninaef-sama is still kind. I still love Ninaev, and I respect him.

 Ninaev-sama is thinking of me when he says these words.
 I'm sure there are circumstances in which the country would be better off with me in this position, but he never says anything about it.

 Oh, it is because of Mr. Ninaev that I--

"Thank you, Mr. Ninaev. Thank you, Mr. Ninaev. You are very kind. But I want to be by ...... Ninaev's side. I want to be by Mr. Ninaev's side, and I want to help Mr. Ninaev.

 I want to be by Mr. Ninaev's side.

This feeling is my own. "This feeling is my own. I also want to help Ninaef-sama because he saved me. But not only do I want to give back to Ninaev-sama, I also want to be by his side from my heart.
 In the Kingdom of Migga, being by Ninaev-sama's side, there may be difficulties. But even if there are such difficulties, I can overcome them if it is to be by Ninaev-sama's side.
 I beg you. Please take me with you, Ninaev-sama.

 If I stay by Ninaev-sama's side, it will soon be known in the Kingdom of Migga that I am the girl who was taken in by Ninaev-sama and tricked into living as a divine child.
 But even so--no matter what hardships I may face, I choose to stay by Ninaef-sama's side.

 This is my own certain feeling.

Yes. ....... Silly girl. ....... You'd be more at peace if you chose not to be by my side. ....... But thank you, Alice. I'm glad you're here for me.

 As she said this, Ninaev patted my head.

 --My sister's choice.
 (My sister is forced to make a choice, and she answers to the princess. There is no hesitation in that feeling.