327 Girl and Ruins 7

"Well, well, well! It's wonderful to make a contract with a spirit that was contracted by the ancient water gods. By the way, where is this spirit? I'd love to hear the stories of the past!

 I took Fresne and Ware back to Ran and the others and told them about Ware, and Ran's eyes lit up.
 Incidentally, Nilshi cautioned me, "It's a good thing it wasn't a malicious entity this time, but it can be dangerous.

 That's true, too.
 This time there was no problem because Ware was not hostile and made a contract with me, but there are times when you can be in danger.

 Come to think of it, neither Ware nor Fresne bothered to show themselves in front of Ran and the others. As for Ware, he seems to be attracted to Ran's excitement with his sparkling eyes.

...... Ran-san, let's calm down for a moment. Ware is startled.
I'm sorry. I'm just excited that there is a living witness who knows about ancient things. ....... Well, Mr. Ware, you don't have to show yourself to me. However, if you do know something, please let me know, even if it's through Lerunda. I'm interested in the time when you were living with the Water Goddess.

 In response to Ran-san's words, Ware tells me, "I don't mind if it's through Lelanda.
 When I told Mr. Lan about it, he smiled happily. Both Fresne and Ware can show themselves and deliver words if they want to, but basically they are invisible to you.

What is this used for ......? Oh, really? In ancient times, magic tools were also used to draw water. Hmmm...

 So Ran asked Ware about what he was interested in.

I'm not sure what to make of it. So what's left here are the products of the past?

 Ware said that the area where we were walking now used to be lined with stores. There was only one store in the village, so it was strange to think that there were so many things lined up.

There were so many? I've never seen so many stores.
"Really? I wonder if Lerunda has ever lived in a city. Stacy has been in an important position in the country since she was discovered to be a water goddess, and she has been living in the royal capital. ......
Yeah. I only know the village. I only know the village, so I was wondering what kind of stores there are that many.
Yeah, ....... Okay, I'll show you.

 Ware laughed at my words.
 I didn't understand what he meant by "I'll show you. Before I could ask what was going on, water poured out of Ware. Was it magic?

 The water spreads out in front of us.
 And on the huge surface of the water, floating in the air, a landscape is drawn.

 Is it an illustration of buildings and people?

"Lerunda, this is what I remember. This is the scene I remember.
"Wow, ...... is amazing. I didn't know you could make pictures like this!
Oh, my God! Is this Ware's work? It's amazing. It's wonderful to be able to see scenes from Mr. Ware's memory like this. More research should be done on ...... mumble-mumble.
You're in a world of your own again, Ran. ....... I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.

 I'm not sure what to make of it. I'm not sure what to make of that.

 Nilusi seemed to be taken aback by our situation.
 The power of Ware, a water spirit, is different from that of Fresne, a wind spirit.

 The buildings reflected on the surface of the water have words written on them. You can see that there were stores specializing in hats, clothes, vegetables, and cups. In addition, the hat shop has a picture of a hat drawn on it... I wonder if it is possible to tell what kind of store it is by such things as well as the letters.

"Hey, Ware. You know what? If you'd like, when you get back to the village, you can show us the same scene that Ware remembers in front of everyone. I think it would be easier to understand if Ware could show us what he remembered rather than explaining it to us.
Okay, but what are you going to do with it?
"We want to make our village even bigger someday. No, we've decided that we will. So we want to know what this place was like when it was inhabited.
Hmm. That's an interesting idea. Okay. You signed up for this. I'll help Lerunda if that's what she wants. I prefer noisy, more prosperous places. So if Lerunda's village can flourish, so can I.

 Ware nodded at my words.

 I was starting to look forward to seeing many of the scenes Ware remembered.

 After talking for a while, we returned to the place where we were exploring the ruins.
 After we returned, I explained about Ware to everyone, and Ware appeared for a moment to greet us.

 --The Girl and the Ruins 7
 (The water spirit with which the child girl contracted reflects her past image on the water surface.