328 Girl and Ruins 8

 Now that I've made a contract with Ware, I've been able to explore the ruins much better than before I made the contract.
 It's no wonder.

 Ware knows what it was like when people were having a good time in these ruins. However, since Ware is a spirit, he does not know everything about people's lives.

 There are some things we don't know.
 Nevertheless, thanks to Ware, we have been able to understand the lives of the people in this land that we could not see in full before.

 It was a long time ago, longer than I can imagine.
 The people who lived here have reached the end of their lives and are no longer alive. I was thrilled to be able to trace the lives of those who are no longer with us.

 I had a conversation with Ware under the starry sky.

"Hey, Ware. Were there more spirits here in the past?
"Yes. Stacy, the water goddess, had made a pact with several water spirits, including me. And when the spirit tree was more healthy, there were many spirits. ....... But they all either disappeared or vanished when the place became uninhabitable--

 It is said that the water divine child made a contract with those who are associated with water. I've been told this by Ran, but hearing the story of Ware, who actually had a contract with them, made me realize once again that it's true.

 Thanks to the ware, I could see how the buildings were originally lined up in this place, and Ran-san was happily making a map.
 However, it is clear that this is a dangerous place where magic has run amok in the past, making it uninhabitable - it seems that there are places where magic that might run amok is swirling ...... It seems that you have to be careful.

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Man-made disasters are much worse than natural disasters. It was so bad that even the spirits couldn't live here. ...... I'm glad to see that the land is now full of pleasant magical power. I'm glad to see that my precious land has become a comfortable place for spirits to live.

 Ware said this with deep emotion.

 Man-made disasters are more terrible than natural disasters, Ware said.

 Man-made disasters are much scarier.
 I don't know much about the horror of natural disasters. I know about rain and lightning, but I've never experienced a disaster that killed anyone. Ware said it was because of my power as a goddess.

 Stacy, the water divine child, also said that such disasters rarely happened in her land.
 And even if a magical disaster does occur, this land still has some influence as the land that the Water Goddess loved.

 The disaster caused by man is still raging in this land.
 Ware said that he wanted to do something about it.

Lelunda, if you could help me make this place more livable for people and spirits. There's more magic left in the vortex than I thought. ......
Yes. I'm sure you'll be able to find something that works for you.

 I don't have many bad vibes in these ruins at the moment.
 But there are still a few magic vortexes in the ruins. Ware says it's dangerous, but I don't feel any danger from it.

Maybe it's not dangerous for you, Lerunda. Lerunda is a child of the gods. Stacy lived in places that seemed dangerous to others. But Lelunda will have others with her. It's dangerous for them.

 To me, that vortex of magic is not dangerous.
 --But it's still dangerous for Lan and the others with her.

 Then we have to do something about it. I don't want anyone else to be in danger.

Then we have to tell them to stay away. ....... Do you even know where it is?
Yeah. Because the magic is different. I'm sure Fresne and Lelunda can feel it.
It's easy to detect if you close your eyes and spread your magic silently.
Spread it?
Yeah, I'll give it a try. I'll share the magic with Lerunda.

 Ware said, closing his eyes and taking my hand.

 And I can feel her magic entering my body. I wonder if it's because Ware is a water spirit that I feel as if I'm in water when I meditate.

 The magic of the ware is spreading, and I can sense that the magic is different.

Do you understand? This is the piece of magic that's running wild.
Yeah. I remember.
Good. So you know how many of these there are around here?
Yeah. There's some really small ones and some really big ones.
You can ignore the small ones. You can ignore the small ones, but you have to be careful with the big ones because ...... something can trigger them to go out of control.

 Ware told me this, and I nodded.

 And I practiced spreading my magic the same way Ware did. I couldn't do it as well as Ware did. I thought I'd better practice, spread my magic, and try harder to feel it.

 --The girl and the ruins 8
 (The girl hears about the vortex of magic from the water spirit)