329 Girl and Ruins 9

 Eventually, Ware told me where the vortex of magic was swirling.
 I couldn't figure out where it was, and Ware said to me, "You need to practice more. I hate it when my contractors aren't good with magic.

 Somehow, I thought that Ware was not that much affected by my influence as a divine child.

 He sees both the godson that existed in the past and me here and now.
 I think that's why Ware's words have so much to say.

 I also explained to Ran and the others about the vortex of magical power with Ware. With Ware's help, I asked him to record where it was. The map of this area was made by Ran based on the information provided by everyone.

 It seems that there is a vortex of magic near the village where we are based, and we should tell everyone to stay away from that area when we get back to the village.

I want Lerunda to go to the vortex and pray. I hope Lernda will go to the magic vortex and say a prayer, because the prayers of a divine child should affect something in no small way. ....... It might have been easier to purify the land if it had been a divine child associated with the earth gods, but that's not something to think about.
"Yeah. I pray.

 It seems to me that it depends on which god you are influenced by, and how you are influenced.
 Since I am influenced by the sky god, it seems that my influence on the land is not that great. But even so, ...... seems to have some influence if I am a divine child.

 For that reason, it seems that I need to go to the place where there is a vortex of magic power on a regular basis.
 With that in mind, I'll probably be coming to these ruins more often.

 The more the land is purified, the more comfortable it will be to live here.

If there are so many dangerous places, we should be careful.
I can't believe there's so much dangerous magic in this forest.

 Everyone who heard me and Ware's story was surprised to hear it.

 I prayed every day while I was in the ruins that it would be easier to live by the vortex of magic in the vicinity.

 The rest of the time, I explored the ruins while listening to Ware's stories about the place.

 The contract with Ware was made, and Ware explored with me, so Fresne went with the others. This was because Mr. Lan wanted to hear a lot about Ware. Ware was a little reluctant to talk to Mr. Lan, but he explained a lot.

 After listening to Ware's stories and looking around the ruins, we returned to the base at night.

The country that was here was amazing.
"Yeah. Yeah. It's amazing.

 I went around the ruins separately from Gaius, but it was fun to talk with him about the different places we visited.

 --The country that existed here was much bigger and more prosperous than I had imagined, and I could tell from listening to Ware's story.

 It was a story that moved my heart, and I think it moved Gaius' heart as well.

 Gaius's eyes were like those of that day when he told me about his goal.

I wanted to build a country that was as big as this place, no, much bigger than this place, a country where no one would be lost. I want to build a place where everyone can feel safe, and I've always felt that way, and Ran and the others have been working hard to make that happen. However, this is a vague hope, and I'm not sure if I actually want this or a country like this. ....... I hadn't imagined some of these things.
 I moved to my current village and tried my best to live in my current place. Now that the village is finally settled, I can look outward. And then I saw this place, and I thought about the country that used to be here, and I could imagine how I wanted to make that village bigger.
I see. Gaius is amazing, isn't he?
It's not amazing.
It is. I was just excited that there was a country like that here. I was just excited.

 I still think Gaius is amazing.
 I've been thinking about it for a while now, but I've been thinking about it a lot more.

I think it's going to take a lot of work to get more people and make that place a country. So much so that there may be conflicts with others. ......
Yeah. That's right. We're out of the village like this.

 We don't choose to stay in the village, we go outside the village and try to get involved with the people around us.
 That is why there may be conflicts with the people around us, and it may be quite difficult.

 But even with these difficulties, that is the dream he wants to fulfill.

I am glad that I came to this site. It made me want to work harder for my dream.
Yeah. Yes, you're right.

 There are things that you can't understand just by listening to others, and there are many emotions that I felt because I came to this place.

 The experience of coming to the ruins became a great source of sustenance for me and Gaius.

 A few days later, we returned from the ruins to the village. I wonder how we will feel the next time we come here? We wondered if the village would be different then.

 --The Girl and the Ruins 9
 (The girl, a child of the gods, has a conversation with a beastman boy in the ruins.