331 Girl and Lake Making 1

 It's been a while since we returned to the village from the ruins.
 Ware is getting used to this village little by little.

 Ware was smiling happily at the sight of the spirit trees growing large.
 I'm sure that there used to be a large spirit tree growing in those ruins. However, they had already decayed, and the spirit trees in that place had already lost their power and had no power whatsoever.

 With Ware's magic, we can see what it was like.
 But - just looking at the scenery doesn't tell us how the place actually flourished. Ware is the only one who really knows what it was like back then.

 When I came back, I found that the children's playground had grown even larger.
 It was fun for me to play in the playground where various mechanisms were gradually built in. There was also talk of adding water-based games to the playground.
 This is because I have made a contract with a water spirit named Ware.

Lerunda, I want to put a water spirit tree there too. So why don't you build a ...... lake with me?

 It was only after Ware had settled into the village that he said such a thing.

 Ware had been alone for a long time now, and he smiled quietly, happy to be around so many people and to be able to talk to them.

There's not much water in this village. I'd like to plant a water spirit tree here if I can.
"I heard there are remnants of a spirit tree. If I'm here, I can ...... turn it into a water spirit tree. You can use one of them for me if you want.
I'll ask around.

 In the event that you're not sure whether you'll be able to use the remainder of the spirit trees for your ware or not, you'll be able to go to the Langs for advice.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find a lot more information on this in the future. It's a good thing that you have a contract with a spirit.

 I'm not sure if the water spirit tree will be one that grows out of the water like the piece of spirit tree that barely survived where I found ...... Ware? I thought all spirit trees were the same, but I wonder if they take on different forms depending on the nature of the spirits.
 Just thinking about how they will grow makes me excited.
 I guess they want to make a lake so that they can plant spirit trees there.

"Mr. Lan!

 I headed for Mr. Ran.

 I knew where he was as soon as I asked him where he was. Mr. Lan had been so busy putting together the story of the ruins that he hadn't even spoken to me recently.
 When Ran-san is absorbed in something, he often loses sight of his surroundings. I've seen Nilshi looking at him in amazement and taking care of him so that he wouldn't skip his meals.

The ruins are at ...... mumble mumble.
"Landono, Lerunda's here.

 When I showed up, Silva, Dong, Nilsi and others had gathered there. They were sorting out the materials. As for Ran, she seemed to be writing all the time.

"Oh, Lern Da. What's wrong?

 Ms. Ran seemed to have noticed my presence when she was approached by others, and turned her gaze toward me.
 When he noticed me, he gave me a gentle smile.

"You know, ...... Ware is .......
"Mr. Ware? What does Mr. Ware want from me? I don't know. Is he going to tell me a lot about the ruins? If you want to talk about the ruins, I'll give you all the time you need! Even if you don't have time, you can make--
No, no. No, no.

 When Ran heard Ware's name, she came towards me excitedly, as if she was expecting me to tell her about the ruins.
 You can't help but laugh at how excited she gets when she's really into something.

"No... Landono. I came here to ask you for some advice.
"Well, Mr. Ware!

 When Ware showed up, Ran-san's eyes were excited and Ran-san approached Ware. Ware looked a little taken aback and backed away in midair.

I'd like to talk to you guys as well as Landono about planting a water spirit tree. I want to plant a water spirit tree. This village has some spirit trees left, right? I'd like to use one of them.
"A spirit tree?
Yes. This place is not very humid. It's not that I can't rest with the spirit trees in this village, but I'd like to plant a ...... water spirit tree in this village if I can.

 Ware floated close to me and said what he wanted.

 Ran and the others looked surprised at Ware's words. Maybe they weren't expecting such an offer. However, they immediately smiled.

You can put a water spirit tree here? It would be wonderful.
"Of course we should plant one for the water spirit.
If Shillelagh and the others don't have a problem with it, I don't have a problem with it either.
If they want to do it, why don't they do it?

 "If you want to do it, you can do it," said Ran, Sireva, Dong and Nilshi.

Thank you. Let's start by making a lake.

 Ware mouthed his thanks and then said.

 --The Girl and the Making of the Lake 1
 (A girl accepts an offer from a water spirit to make a lake.