332 Girl and Lake Making 2

"Where shall we build?
Well, you know. If we're going to build a lake, we need to figure out where we're going to build it.

 We have now listened to Ware's wishes and decided to build a lake.
 But we are still discussing where in the village we should build the lake. It seems that the spirits will join us and help us build the lake that Ware wants to build.

 The spirits of wind and earth are welcoming of Ware's presence. The spirits of wind and earth seem to welcome Ware's presence, even if they have different attributes.
 But if the spirit is powerful and has a strong will of its own, it may not be a good match. So I was glad that Frené and Ware were getting along so well.

 I wondered where I should build the lake. Is it better to build it near the spirit tree that is currently towering over the village? I'm thinking that it would be better to have it visible from the village square.
 If it's a lake, I wonder if it's necessary to dig deep enough. I wonder what kind of environment would make it easier for a water spirit tree to grow.

 If I pray to the water spirit tree, will it be easier for it to grow?

"Hey, where do you want me to make the clothes?
"Anywhere is fine. I'm just happy to have the water spirit tree here. I'm just happy to have a water spirit tree. I'm the only water spirit here, and I'm happy that you're being so thoughtful.

 Ware smiled as he said this.

 I'm not sure what to make of this.
 I'm not sure what to make of it.

I'd like to set it up in the center of the village, for the sake of Ware, the spirit. It would be great to have a place where you can see two spirit trees.
That's right. It would make for a wonderful view.
I'd like to please Ware more than anything.

 Everyone agreed with me.
 That's why we decided to build a lake in the center of the village.

 I don't know, I've never built a lake before, so I'm getting a little excited.

What kind of lake do you want to make?
"Well. Well, I want a lake of a certain depth and size. The deeper the lake, the more other water spirits might gather, and the more comfortable I'll be.

 The ware should be deep and wide if possible. In a river, you can't swim or play with dangerous demons, but you can swim in a lake in the village. I've never been a swimmer, so I'll have to practice first. ...... I'm looking forward to it when I think about it.

 You'll be able to use it for other purposes as well, and that's what I'm looking forward to.

 There are not that many people living in this village, and fortunately there was enough space to build a lake. So, we decided to build a lake right in front of the current spirit tree and plant the spirit tree there.

 Everyone in the village agreed to help us build the lake. Mr. Illume was excited, "A lake for the spirits! I'd love to be a part of it.
 However, Mr. Illume is not a magician, nor is he very strong. So I asked her to help me make the lake, but only with a feeling.

 It was the elves who were doing the work.
 The elves dug a large hole in the ground with the help of spirits. I also dug a hole with my magic.

I've never made a lake like this before, so this is fun. I want to make a great lake!

 Fresne was also excited.
 Fresne was smiling happily as she floated beside me. Ware saw this and smiled quietly and happily.
 Ware had been trying to die alone for a long time, so he was probably happy that everyone was helping him out like this.

 But I think that's only natural.
 I don't think I can prepare myself to die alone like Ware did. Ware had a strong resolve to stay there. It makes me wonder if Ware wouldn't be here if I hadn't happened to go to those ruins.

 When I thought that it was all a coincidence, the result of a series of coincidences - I was glad that the coincidences had coincided.

 I was able to dig deep into the ground. This would be a disaster if I fell. So we built a wall of earth around it to keep it from falling until we filled it with water.

 A few days later, we filled the hole with water.
 I felt happy when the clear water accumulated in this way. It was Ware who went to plant the spirit tree in the center of the hole.

 Ware, floating in the air, planted the tree in the middle of the lake.
 The spirit tree glowed. I also spread my wings with magic and prayed by the side of the tree.

 --The Girl and the Lake 2
 (The girl creates a lake and plants a spirit tree.