333 A girl and people returning from the Kingdom of Mi...

 It's been about a week since the lake was created.
 The fact that there are spirit trees growing out of the water is a bit strange, but spirit trees are strange plants, and water spirit trees seem to have this property.

 I have made it a routine to pray to the two spirit trees. I have also been praying to the gods.
 I couldn't pray at the altar while I was at the ruins, but I prayed to the sky at the ruins as well.

 At the lake, we also play in the water so as not to damage the spirit tree in the center. Mr. Saddha had prepared clothes for playing in the water and was selling them at the store.
 It seems that rich people in the city have artificial lakes, and they wear such clothes for swimming in them.
 Mr. Saddha is a member of a large merchant company, so he seems to have a lot of knowledge about such products.

 Gaius, by the way, was happily splashing around in his wolf form. The gryphons and the sifo were with him.
 Apparently, it's fun to go into the water as a wolf, even if your hair gets wilted when you go into the water as a wolf.

 I also put my feet in the water and splashed around. I don't know what it is, but the beastmen have a high physical ability, so they can wade quickly.
 I've never been in such a deep lake, so I'm hesitant to go in and swim.

 The lake is managed by Ware, who cleans up the lake whenever it gets dirty.

Maybe it's because Lelanda has been praying for it, but the water quality is good.
Is that so?
Yeah. The magic is circulating very nicely.

 Ware speaks to me with only his feet on the water.

It's fun to be in the water.

 Incidentally, it was Doanea who was most excited about the new lake.

 Doaneer and Ware are getting along well. Ware had met Mr. Doroian before, and he was surprised when he met Doaneer.
 Ware also said that he wanted to meet Mr. Dourouwen, so we're going to go together next time.

 Also, Ware told me a lot about the ruins, and if there is something that can be reproduced, I will try to make it. However, although Ware knows what it is, he doesn't know how to make it in detail.
 In the country where the ruins were found, there were many craftsmen who could make what is called magical tools. And those craftsmen made many useful things.
 A country that thrived on the power of magic.

 Ran and her team are trying to figure out the old technology. He can't use magic, but he's good at revealing things like this.

 Since he came back, he has been very busy and has been putting things together at home without sleeping, so I have been encouraging him to go to bed.
 Whenever Ran-san is preoccupied with something, he never sleeps.
 Nilshi sometimes comes to check on Ran, because she knows that Ran is very interested in the ruins and will not sleep. And Saddha, too. It's all because everyone is worried about Ran.

 Mr. Ran only comes to the lake once in a while even when I invite him to go. Of course, this place is related to ware, and he comes here sometimes, but ...... he prefers to solve something.

Mr. Lerunda!
What's wrong, Mr. Illume?
I saw Lerunda, so I ....... I'm so happy to be able to spend time with you, Lerunda-sama. I never thought I'd be able to talk to her.

 Mr. Illume is still the same.

 She's always like this when she sees me. She was like this again when the Water Spirit Tree was planted in this village. Well, that's what happened to Shilleba and the other elves, too.

 Incidentally, behind Mr. Illume is Mr. Shehan, as usual. I'm not sure if their relationship has progressed ...... or not. But Mr. Shehan has started to wear feminine clothes from time to time.
 I'm not sure if their relationship has progressed or not.

How mysterious is Lernda-sama with her feet in the lake?
Hmm, it's normal.
It's not normal. Oh, I wish I could capture even this scene in a painting. Is it my mission to capture this kind of scene in a painting? Mr. Sheehan, I need something I can paint.
"Illume ......, Lelanda's pulling away?

 After conversing with Mr. Illume and Mr. Sheehan for a while, the village became noisy . I wondered what was going on, so I stepped out of the lake, wiped my feet, and put on my shoes.

 And when I turned toward the noise...

"Oh, welcome home.

 There they were, the people who had gone to the Kingdom of Migga.

 --The girl and the people returning from the Kingdom of Migga 1
 The girl welcomes the people back from the Kingdom of Migga.