334 A girl and people returning from the Kingdom of Mi...

"Lord Hiccup had become a king. He must have had strong feelings for the ...... beastmen. He revolted and became king.

 The people who came back said that they wanted to talk to us and gave such a report.
 It is natural that I was surprised at the first thing they said to me.

 The prince from that time has become a king.
 According to the details, he got the position by killing the former king ...... and his own father.

 I can't imagine what it would be like to kill someone to get something. But I don't have a bad feeling about Hiccup Migga, the man who killed all the kings to become king.

 Gaius and the others have complicated expressions on their faces. He is the one who took Athos away from them, and he is the one who is trying to help the different races in the Kingdom of Migga.

After becoming king, Hiccup has stopped using force to reduce people to slaves. He is working to protect those who have fallen into slavery for unjust reasons and make their lives easier. In fact, it has made life easier for the different races in that country.

 The people who were attacking and trying to enslave the beasts and tribes were the prince Hiccup Migga, who was already a king. And yet, because Hiccup Migga became a king, he is now doing the opposite.
 I thought that it is difficult to classify bad people and good people.
 I thought that even bad people can become good people, and that bad people cannot be called bad people in general.

He also agreed to bring the captive beastmen to this place. I can trust that man. If they give their consent, it's okay to bring them here.

 Nilusi and the other cat beastmen reacted to these words. Nilusi wanted to meet the people of the same village who had been captured and were suffering a lot.
 --He wanted to meet the people who were still alive, the people he thought he might never see again.
 Perhaps sensing this, Nilshi's expression changed.

...... Are those words to be believed? Can I take the king's words at face value?
"Nilsi ....... I believe it. I believe you.

 The cat beastman from the kingdom answered Nilsi's question.

 I don't know if I can believe you, or if I can really take you at your word.
 I thought I could believe it, no, I wanted to believe it. Partly because I didn't have a bad feeling about it, but also because I wanted to believe that this person, who was only a little older than me, had become a king and was still doing things for the beastmen.

 Then, some of us from this village went to the Kingdom of Migga to pick up the beastmen there.
 As for who will go to the Kingdom of Migga, it will be decided through consultation.

 Kingdom of Migga.
 The country that took Athos, the country that caused us to come to this place.
 And yet, it's a country that's trying to change, trying to help the beasts now.
 I've never been to the big city, and I've never set foot in the Kingdom of Migga.

 To be honest, I'd like to go there if it's less dangerous.
 I think it was partly because I had been to the ruins the other day. I went outside the village and met Ware. I thought that if I went to a new place, I would be able to meet new people, and learn more about the world that I didn't know.

 You may be opposed to this, but ......, let's talk to Ran and Dong about going to the Migga Kingdom. I think it's safe to say that Nilusi is ready to go, and I don't have a bad feeling about it.

 Just as I was thinking this, Quay, a merchant who had been to the kingdom, came to talk to me.

Lelunda, your sister Alice may be coming to the Kingdom of Migga soon.
"My sister is ......?

 It was about my sister.
 Just as I have changed, she has changed too. That was what Saddha had told me. But how could my sister come from the Kingdom of Fairytlov to the Kingdom of Migga?

Her Highness Ninaev, who is protecting Alice, is going to marry Hiccup. I think that Alice will come with him to the Kingdom of Migga. We didn't get to see Alice when we went to the Kingdom of Migga, but I've been gathering rumors.
 Alice is very fond of His Highness Ninaef, so I've heard that she might be coming to the Kingdom of Migga. Besides, it would be dangerous for Alice, who is said to be a false godchild, to leave His Highness Ninaev's side.

 The sister who is with the princess adores the princess and will come with her when she gets married in the Kingdom of Migga.
 My sister, who I've never spoken to before, is coming to the Kingdom of Migga, where Quay and the others are headed. The thought of that made me feel like my sister was near me.

"Does Lerunda want to see Alice? If Lerunda wants to see Alice, she can see her.
You want to see my sister at ......?
Yes. So think about it. If you don't want to see her, that's fine, but Lerunda and Alice are sisters.

 --That's what Mr. Quay said to me.

 --The Girl and the People Who Returned from the Kingdom of Migga 2
 The girl, a child of the gods, listens to the story of the Kingdom of Migga and her sister.