335 A girl thinks about her sister.

 If I wanted to, I could see my sister.
 --We are sisters, even if we don't speak to each other, even if our relationship is so flimsy that we can't even be called sisters.

 My sister and I are related by blood, and we are certainly family.
 My sister and I may not have thought of each other as family in the slightest, but we are family nonetheless.

 I'm concerned about my sister. Maybe it's because I have more time in my life. ...... I have a strong desire to go to the Kingdom of Migga. This is because it will show me a world that I do not know.
 ...... Do I want to see my sister? Do I want to see her or not?

 I sit down beside the spirit tree of wind and earth, and look up at the sky. The blue sky that I can see through the trees makes me feel lighter.

 I had never thought that much about my sister.
 My parents were the only family I had, and my sister was just my sister. And I'm sure she didn't either. I don't think she ever thought of me as family.

 She was special to me.
 ...... Maybe I'm more special because I'm a godson, but she was still special to me.

 I'm not sure if it's because I'm a godchild or because I'm special, but my sister was special to me. My parents and the villagers thought of her as special. I had no idea I was special.

 Leaning against the spirit tree, I just thought idly.

"Lelunda, what's troubling you?
"Raymer. It's okay. I'm just thinking.

 I thought that Raymer and his demons don't seem to be bothered by their relationship with each other in this way.
 I thought that we humans have many such relationships.

 This may be the first time I have been so troubled by a relationship between people. I wonder if it's because she is my sister. .......

 Me and my sister.
 We've never even talked to each other.
 We don't even recognize each other as sisters.
 We don't even consider each other family.
 --Such a relationship.

 My sister and I have a much thinner relationship than me and the people of this village, and if I don't choose to see her, ...... she and I may never meet.

 --Do I want to meet my sister?
 --What do I want to do with my sister?

 Now that I know that I might be able to see my sister, all I can think about is .......

 Then I close my eyes and feel the wind - I think.

 If I could see her, I would.
 If I could talk to her, I would.
 That's because my sister and I are sisters after all.
 I don't know if I can get along with my sister at all. Maybe she doesn't like me.

 I have no feelings of dislike or love for my ...... sister. I thought she was ...... special and that's the way she was.
 My sister has changed. She is different from the sister I knew. So, if I met ...... my current sister and talked to her, would I feel anything for her?

 If I could get along with my sister, would I really be like a good sister to her?

 It is hard for me to imagine my sister and I talking together. My sister and I get along well and talk. I'm trying to imagine it, but I can't really feel it.
 It was strange that I couldn't imagine it with my sister when I could imagine other things more easily.
 ...... Maybe that's why my sister's existence is much more special to me than I thought.

Yes, ...... I want to see my sister.

 I don't know what would happen if I met her.
 I don't even know if she'll want to meet me in the first place.
 I haven't spoken to her in twelve years, but I've been aware of her. I knew she existed until she left me, but that was all. And since the abandonment, I haven't seen her.

 --I wish I could see her.
 I'm sure our relationship isn't a normal sister. Not a normal family either.
 But we're definitely sisters.

 And if I don't see her when I want to, I may never see her. I certainly want to see my sister now, so I should go see her.

 That's what I thought, so I must definitely go to the Kingdom of Migga. It may be risky, but I want to go there and see my sister, even if I have to risk it.

 First I have to convince Ran and the others somehow. Let's convince everyone who's worried about her and go see her.

 Does Ms. Lan also want to see her sister?
 You used to be her teacher. Maybe she'd like to meet her changed sister.

 Yeah, it would be ...... fun to go with you to see your sister.

 I stand up.
 Raymer, who was nearby, looked a little surprised at my sudden standing up.

"Raymer, I'm going to go see Mr. Lan and the others.
"Okay, okay. Don't fall.


 I ran to Ran and the others in a panic, but Raymer seemed concerned.
 Then I went to Ran and the others and said, "I want to see my sister.

 --A girl thinks about her sister.
 (The girl thought about her sister and wished to see her.)