337 Princess to The Kingdom of Migga

"Shall we go, Alice?
Yes. Mr. Ninaev!

 Alice replied in a cheerful voice.

 I, Ninaef Faerie, am on my way to the Kingdom of Migga.
 I'm not going to marry Hiccup immediately, but I'm going to the Kingdom of Migga in the capacity of a fiancée.

 Alice will be there with me.
 Because Alice wanted to. She told me she wanted to be by my side. I was happy to hear that.

 I first got involved with Alice because I couldn't leave her alone. But now I think I feel more like a sister to Alice who genuinely adores me than I do to her.
 --The only people I know in the Kingdom of Migga are Hiccup and the knights who follow him. I can bring my maidservant from the kingdom of Fairytlov, but that's it.

 I don't know many people around me. I have to make allies out of them. --That I'm Hiccup's fiancee, that I'm supposed to marry Hiccup. There are probably people in the kingdom who don't like that.
 There are many noblemen who want to get close to Hiccup, who has seized the throne and become the king.

 ...... We should do our best to be accepted by them. There are many noblemen who want to get closer to Hiccup, who is now the king.
 In addition, there may be some who will make some accusations against Alice, who is said to have tricked the ...... godson. I want to make sure that I do not make any mistakes in dealing with them.

 I don't think Master Hiccup dislikes me. But you never know when a favor will turn into a dislike.
 A person's mind can change drastically after an event.

 I have to try to get along with Mr. Hiccup.

Are you worried about something, Mr. Ninaev?
"I'm a little nervous about living in the Kingdom of Migga. Thank you for your concern, Alice.

 Alice smiled happily when I told her that.

 Alice is dressed in her maidservant's uniform. Since she had decided to come with me, the maids had been teaching her how to be a maid more and more. Alice listened to them with open arms, and her maidservant's uniform became her attire.
 Alice is gradually changing from a little girl to a woman.
 Alice will grow up to be beautiful. Perhaps some nobleman will want to take her. Alice is that beautiful to look at.

 I'm glad that I'm Hiccup's fiancée. As the king, Hiccup's fiancée, my maid of honor would not have been able to do anything about it.
 As it turns out, if Hiccup had entered into the marriage as a mere prince and taken Alice with him, ...... it might have been difficult to protect her against someone as powerful as Hiccup's brothers.

We are strangers in the kingdom of Migga. We are strangers in the kingdom of Migga, and that is why we need to fit in first.

 These words were not only for Alice, but also for the other maidservants who were coming with her to the Kingdom of Migga.

 The maidservants around me are the ones who volunteered to go with me to another country and spend the rest of their lives there.
 We are strangers in the Kingdom of Migga. So let's make an effort to fit in. I'll show them that I'm valuable to the kingdom. So that I can be accepted next to Master Hiccup.

"Yes, Mr. Ninaev.

 The maidservants replied.

 By the way, the knights of my bodyguard are also on their way to the Kingdom of Migga, but they will return home after delivering me to the Kingdom of Migga.
 I'm leaving the Kingdom of Fairytlov, where I've lived since birth, for the Kingdom of Migga. It felt a little strange to think that. The Kingdom of Migga and the Kingdom of Fairytorff are adjacent to each other, so I may enter the Kingdom of Fairytorff for official business, but other than that, I won't be visiting this country anymore.

 I feel a deep sense of emotion.

 --Goodbye, my home.

 It was with this feeling that I stepped into the carriage.
 My brothers and the people saw me off, and I headed for the Kingdom of Migga.

 What kind of life awaits me now, what kind of future awaits me now?
 That remains to be seen.

 The days I will spend with Master Hiccup in the Kingdom of Migga - I am anxious about the future, but I am more excited about the future. I hope that Hiccup is looking forward to it as much as I am.

"...... Let's work hard to be recognized in the Kingdom of Migga.

 I muttered to myself in the carriage.

 Then the carriage headed for the Kingdom of Migga.

 --Princess, to the Kingdom of Migga.
 The princess is on her way to the Kingdom of Migga with her sister.