338 The girl tells her that she wants to see her siste...

"Mr. Lan, Mr. Dong, I want to see my sister.

 I went to tell Mr. Lan and the others that I wanted to see my sister.

 Either way, I can't just go and see her. I don't think I want to force myself to go with them.
 If I wanted to, I could force myself to go with them, but I would like to convince them to go with me.

It's for Alice: ......
The girl who was taken in as a replacement for the godson: ....... Lelunda wasn't close to the girl, was she?
No. ....... No, we didn't get along. No, not even close. I never even had a proper conversation with my sister. I didn't know my sister, even though we were blood relatives.

 How should I say this?
 How can I tell her how I feel?
 --How can I tell my sister how I feel?

 My sister and I were not close or not close. We've never been involved.
 We were just in the same house.

 It's strange for me to want to see my sister like that.

I've never called her by her first name. I never talked to her, so I never knew what to call her. I just thought of her as my sister. She never said anything to me or anything. My relationship with my sister was much less involved than it seems.
 I never talked to ...... her, never looked her in the eye. But I want to talk to her.

 But I want to talk to her." I don't know what my relationship with my sister would be like if I did. She might not like me. Maybe she doesn't want to talk to me.
 But I still want to talk to my sister.

 Just as I've changed, she's changed.

 And if I don't try to meet her somewhere, she and I will never meet.
 I wanted to see her, wondering if it would be better to never see her again or to see her.

I don't think there's anything wrong with Lerunda seeing Alice. It's only a family matter. It is natural to want to see one's sisters even if there is no change in some way. But considering that ...... Lelunda is a divine child and Alice is beside the fiancé of the king of Migga, it might be difficult.
 I'm sure the king of the Migga kingdom is friendly to us, but there is a possibility that Lerunda will be in danger.
I also think it's dangerous for Lelanda, a divine child, to head to the Migga Kingdom.

 I am probably a godson.
 I'm probably a godson, and that fact has a lot more influence on the people around me than I thought. Aside from Hiccup Migga, who became the king of the Migga Kingdom, I think there is a possibility that other people will try to kill me.

 ...... There is a possibility that I will be involved with such people.

 I'm well aware of that.

Yes. I know it's dangerous. I also understand the possibility that something might happen. I know that Mr. Ran and Dong and the others are worried about me. --But I still miss them a lot. When I think of my sister, ......, I want to see her right away.
 Be aware of your surroundings, and if something happens, I will ...... use my power to protect myself and others. I'll make sure you're not in any danger. That's why I want to go to ...... the Kingdom of Migga.

 --even if it's dangerous, even if there's something there. I want to see my sister.
 I want to see more of the outside world. I want to see more of the outside world. I have a certain feeling in my heart that I want to see my sister. I wonder what my sister will think when she sees me--what she will think when I say I want to talk to her.

I know that I'm being selfish. I know I'm being selfish, but I still want to go see my sister. I know I'm being selfish, but I still want to go see my sister, even though it might get me in trouble. ...... I think I had a special feeling for my sister, even though I had never talked to her before.
 I want to talk to her.

 I only recognize her as my sister, but if I met her, if I talked to her, would I be able to call my only twin sister "Alice" by name?
 --Will she call me "Lerunda"?

 We had never called each other by our first names.

 Maybe that moment will change something in me. I wanted to be called by my sister's name.

...... If Lelanda wants to see you so badly, we can arrange it. Either way, people will be coming from this village to the Kingdom of Migga. Let's make sure that Lerunda doesn't get into any danger.
"Right. I would like to fulfill Lerunda's desire to see her sister. Of course, it might be a lot of work, but I'd like to make that wish come true, even if it means a little more work.
"Thank you!

 I said to them both.

"Of course, we'll have to ask the others. Of course we'll have to ask everyone else, but we can't make the decision on our own.
"Yes. Yes, of course.

 --I don't think we can just decide to go right now.

 But I was just happy that Ran and the others said they would try to make it.

 --The girl says she wants to see her sister.
 A girl tells her sister how much she wants to see her.