339 Preparing to head to the Kingdom of Miga with a gi...

 They agreed that I should go to the Kingdom of Migga.
 At first, Illume, Fito, and the others were worried and suggested that I should not go.

 In particular, Ms. Illume was out of control, saying, "Lelunda-sama, you never know what kind of trouble you will face in the Kingdom of Migga as a divine child! If you want to go, so do I! It seems that Ms. Illume does not have good feelings toward her sister, so she said such things even more.
 It seems that the older sister is an undesirable person who called herself a godson to Mr. Illume. ...... She didn't even claim to be a godson herself.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will help you get through the day. She would have gone out of control if she went there. I just want to go see my sister and take any beastmen who want to come to this village with me.
 I don't want you to take good care of me. And I don't want to threaten the peaceful life of my sister.

 ...... I am a real godson, and my sister is said to have been a godson.
 Just seeing each other may possibly cause complications. But I still want to meet my only twin sister.

I want to go to the land of the people!
No ...... Doonair. If dragons were in the land of men, there would be trouble, right? Now, be a good boy and stay home.
"Peek-a-boo! I want to go!

 Doonaea wanted to go with him to the land of men.

 But taking Doonaea, a dragon, with him would be a disaster. Mr. Ran also said, "If Lerunda is visiting as a divine child, but not otherwise, it would be better not to take Doornea with us.

 It's normal to have Doanea in this village, and there are many races living there.
 But not in the Kingdom of Migga. Dragons are rare creatures.

We can't go with you. We can't even go with you.
We can't go with you if we can't go with you.

 That's what Rulmer and Raymer are saying.

 Yes, this time, I can't take the gryphons with me to the Kingdom of Migga. To me, they are my family, but to the people, they are terrible monsters.
 The fact that I couldn't take the gryphons with me made me feel uneasy.
 Since I met the gryphons and Sipho, I have never been without anyone.

 Even though I couldn't take them with me, my family, I still wanted to see my sister.

 Discussions are also underway as to who will go to the Kingdom of Migga.
 Also, the more people who go to the Kingdom of Migga, the less manpower there will be in the village, so we are discussing about that as well.

 I don't want to think about it, but I might have some trouble in the Kingdom of Migga. I don't have any bad premonitions about the Kingdom of Migga, but it's important to talk about it in case something happens.

 My premonitions are not infallible, so I have to consider many possibilities.

 It has been decided that the group that will go with me to the Kingdom of Migga will consist mainly of humans. Since we are going to a human country, it is only natural. But since we are going to pick up beastmen, some beastmen will also go with us.
 Also, two spirits who have made a contract with me will be going with me. I have concluded that there will be less danger on the way to the Kingdom of Migga if the two spirits come with me.

 Of course, those who can fight will also go with us. Otherwise, it would be difficult if something happened to us.

 But still, I can go see my sister.
 It's still a strange feeling when I think about it.

 If I go to see my sister, will she see me? Will she say she doesn't want to see me?

 --I'm always feeling that anxiety too.

"Lelunda, be careful in the kingdom of Migga.
"Yes. Yes. I'll be very careful not to get into any danger.

 I've made some promises to Ran and the others before I set foot in the Kingdom of Migga.

 I promised them that I would not get involved immediately if something bothered me, and that I would consult with them carefully so that I would not be in danger.
 I've made many promises.

 Because I am a godson, I have to consider my influence properly.

 I must try to keep my divinity from being known in the kingdom of Migga. As far as the prince Hiccup Migga is concerned, I don't know what the other humans will do if they find out that I am a divine child.
 Lan and Ware have said that being a divine child can be a source of conflict.

 If I were to make a fool of myself, I might get in the way of my goal of bringing the beastmen to the village, so when I go to the Kingdom of Migga, I have to be as quiet as possible with the sole goal of meeting my sister.
 That's what I'm determined to do.

 --Preparing to go to the Kingdom of Migga with the girl 1
 (In the village of the child girl, preparations are underway to go to the Kingdom of Migga.