340 Preparing to head to the Kingdom of Miga with a gi...

We don't want this place to get into trouble while we're in the Kingdom of Migga. Lerunda's prayers will prevent people from wandering in from other places, but it would be better to set traps around the village and make it difficult to find.

 Mr. Lan seemed to be thinking about what would happen if this place was discovered by people from other countries.

 I did not leave this village for a long time. I wonder if my leaving this village will have any effect on me as a child of God.

 I pray that this place will be safe. Please don't let me be in danger. I've been told that my prayers may guarantee the safety of this place, but I still need to make such preparations.

 If the village is understaffed, things will be different from usual.

 Incidentally, Gaius, though a beastman, will be going with us to the Kingdom of Migga. This is because Gaius can change his form into that of a wolf.
 The reason for this is that Gaius can change his form into a wolf, and since the gryphons can't, it would be better for him to go with them.

 It's much better not to have that kind of thing going on. But to be honest, you never know what will happen in the Kingdom of Migga. If something dangerous happens, Gaius in wolf form will take me out.

Lelunda, be careful when you go to human country. Don't follow any strange people.

 Shinomi is staying in the village, so she's worried about me.

 I heard that there are many people living in the Kingdom of Migga. I've never been to such a place.
 I've never been to such a place, and it makes me feel strange.

 Ware showed me a picture of an old country that was incredibly crowded with people. I was surprised to see people all over the streets. I am going to such a place now.

 I feel uncomfortable thinking about it. Ware said, "It's not much different from a village, just a lot of people," but that seemed to be from the perspective of a spirit.
 Ran said, "Lern Da might be surprised to see how different the city is from the village. If you can afford it, let's go shopping," he said.

 In the capital of the Kingdom of Migga, bartering is not practiced at all.
 They sell and buy things with money, he said.

 Since we decided to turn this village into a country, we might find a lot of things to refer to in the capital of the Kingdom of Migga.

There are a lot of people in the human country. There might even be people who don't like us beastmen.
That's true.
...... Lelanda, since you're human, do you think you'll want to stay in human country?
No, I don't think so. This village is very important to me.

 Shinomi is also worried that I might go to the human country because I am human.

 Even if I were a human, I would not go to the human country, I would only go there to see my sister, but the beastmen seem to have such anxiety.

That's good. But Lernda-chan has been very friendly with us in the human world, so if there is any change in your mind when you go to the human country, please let me know.

 I don't think there will be any change in my mind that the human country is better than the village I live in now. For me, this village has become a place where I want to say "I'm home.
 Still, if I don't go and come back and say, "I prefer this village," the fleas may remain worried.

 In order to reassure them, I think I need to go to the human country and then come back here.

 --Human or beastman.
 Even if I don't care about the difference between the two races, I think it's a clear difference.

 What kind of place is the Kingdom of Migga?
 What are the people like in the Kingdom of Migga?
 How does my sister spend her time at ......?

 The reason why Shinomi is worried that I might go to the Kingdom of Migga is because I am going there to see my sister.
 My sister and I have never been close enough to be called a family, but we are still a family.

 Thinking about my sister, I was preparing some preserved food to take with me when I went to the Kingdom of Migga. She might not have much trouble with food if I'm there, but it's still good to be prepared.

 I spent my time preparing preserved food to eat on the way, preparing comfortable clothes, and sorting out the people who were going to the Kingdom of Migga.

 Finally, I was ready to go to the Kingdom of Migga.

 --The Girl and the Preparation for the Kingdom of Migga 2
 The girl has finished her preparations to go to the Kingdom of Migga.