341 Girl and on the way to the Kingdom of Miga 1

"...... I feel strange.
What do you mean?
Before, we were running from the Migga Kingdom. But now, we're going to the Migga Kingdom.

 I had this conversation with Gaius, who was walking next to me.

 As I walked slowly towards the Kingdom of Migga, I had a strange feeling.
 When I was running away from the Kingdom of Migga, I was desperate. Athos had died, and in that desperation, we had gone south with no way out.

 But now, we are heading for the Kingdom of Migga with a cheerful heart.
 The king of the Kingdom of Migga had reduced all non-human races to slaves. That's why we were running away.

 We never thought we'd return to Migga after all that time.
 But now a prince named Hiccup Migga has become king and we're going back to Migga. It's strange.

Yes, it is. I never thought I'd end up in the country that ...... caused my dad's death.
Is Gaius ...... okay?
Yeah. He's fine. It's true that I still hate him, but ...... the mock battle with Sadnid and the others made me feel a little better. I don't know what's going to happen when I meet the king, but if I start to act on my emotions, stop me, okay?
Is Lelunda okay? You're going to see your sister, right?
Yeah. ...... Maybe she'll be okay. I'm not sure what my sister thinks of me, but I still want to talk to her.

 I don't know what my sister thinks of me.
 How does she feel about me?
 I don't know what she thinks of me, so I'm worried, but I'm more excited to see her.

 Unlike when we were running away from the Kingdom of Migga, our footsteps were light on the way to the Kingdom of Migga.

 This may have been due to the fact that Saddha, who was on the way to the Kingdom of Migga with us, had marked the path from the Kingdom of Migga so that only Saddha and the others could see it, but it was also due to the lightness of our hearts.

The Kingdom of Migga: ...... is a country I've never been to. I can't wait to see what it's like.
I've never seen a human country either, so I'm excited.

 I've never seen a human country before, so I'm looking forward to it.

 There is only one elf who is coming with us this time. This time, there is only one elf who is coming with us, and that is Suzie, an elf who is good at mixing medicines. She wanted to learn more about medicine in the human country.
 The fact that she was the only one, with her pointy ears and all, made it easy to tell that she was not human. In the kingdom of Migga, there are many different species, and if you visit, you will stand out.

 ...... I would also like to talk to the prince Hiccup Migga. But I don't want to spread the word that I am a godson. I don't want to get in trouble for spreading it. That's why I'm hoping that my visit to the Kingdom of Migga will end as peacefully as possible.

 From the beastmen, besides Gaius, Nilshi and another cat beastmen are coming. The rest are humans, including Ran and Saddha. A few tribesmen were also with us.

 Taking a break along the way, we headed toward the Kingdom of Migga.
 Along the way, I noticed things about this forest that I hadn't noticed when I was running away from the Kingdom of Migga, and it was fun.

 As I walked, I talked with Gaius and the spirits.
 The spirits kept watch over me at night, so I was able to sleep relatively well. Of course, we took turns doing the night watch, but it was still easy thanks to the spirits' presence.

 On the way, we passed by the elven village where we met Shillelagh and her friends.
 It seemed that the place where the demon had been was still stagnant or strange. Fresne and Ware looked disgusted.
 It seems that this forest is recovering relatively quickly, thanks to Douroian's efforts to purify it and the demon gods that used to live here. However, it doesn't mean that the demon's intentionally distorted magic will soon return to normal. When I glanced at the area where the demon was, there were almost no living creatures. It must have been a difficult place to live.

 I also had a strange feeling thinking about the time when I killed the demon.
 ...... If we hadn't worked together with the elves to exterminate the demons at that time, we might not be able to be friends with Shillelagh and the others now. It's a coincidence that each of these coincidences have come together to make us what we are today.

 I wonder if the place that this demon has contaminated will be cleansed when I grow up. Or will it be more like after I'm gone? As I thought about these things, I wished I could see this place purified.

 I also took my time at the place where the elven village used to be.
 I felt nostalgic for the village of the elves. We went to the current place to plant the spirit tree.

 As I walked along the road to the Kingdom of Migga, I remembered many things about the village I was living in.

 --The Girl on the Road to the Kingdom of Migga 1
 (The girl, a child of the gods, is remembering the process of her journey on the road to the Kingdom of Migga.