342 Girl and on the way to the Kingdom of Miga 2

 After resting for a bit at the place where Shillelagh's elven village used to be, we started walking towards the Kingdom of Migga again.

 If we are going to walk to the Kingdom of Migga, will we eventually visit the site of the village where we originally lived with Gaius and the others? When I think about it, I have a strange feeling. I'm not sure if it's because Gaius is also approaching the village where ...... he was born and raised, but he looks a little strange, just like he did when he took his vow.

"Gaius ......

 I reached out my hand to Gaius.
 Gaius looked a little hesitant, but squeezed my hand.

 I think that holding hands makes you feel safe. Even if you are feeling anxious or sad, if you are holding hands with someone you love, you can overcome those feelings. I hope that Gaius will also feel safe when he holds hands with me.

 I also reached the lake where I met Sireva and the others.
 It was a strange feeling to visit that place and make camp there. We had a lot of anxiety when we were at the lake.
 Now we are here with different feelings than then.

 I walked with Gaius, talking about my memories of this lake.
 Ran and the others were watching us with smiles on their faces. Gaius looked a little embarrassed. I wondered what he was embarrassed about. I told him to hold my hand, and he did.

 We then proceeded at a leisurely pace to the village of the beastmen, who were originally wolves.
 The place had been burned down by us ...... and was decaying, probably because no one had lived there for a while.

 Somehow, arriving here reminded me of Athos.
 Someone who was important to me, someone I loved. --glances at Gaius. Gaius was pursing his lips.

"Gaius. ......
"It's okay. Lerunda.
...... You don't look okay. If you've got something on your mind, don't hold back, just tell me.

 I've known Mr. Athos for less time than Gaius, and I too am feeling sad and bitter.
 I'm sure you're feeling that way more than I am. I'm sure you're feeling that way more than I am. ...... I can't help but think about why that had to happen.

 We decided to create a country to deal with the situation. The feelings I had back then, when I made the vow with Gaius, came back.
 --Our current life in the village is relatively peaceful and quiet. Our life in the village is relatively calm and peaceful, but the peace of that wolf village can be suddenly shattered.

 We are working to prevent that peace from being shattered. This visit to the Kingdom of Migga is part of our goal to create a place for everyone to laugh.
 For us, that includes the cat beastmen who lived in Nilsi's village. Not only that, but the number of people in ...... will continue to increase in the future.

 I don't know how we can be friends with the people of the Kingdom of Migga. We don't know how we will make friends with the people of the Kingdom of Migga. ......, but maybe the people of the Kingdom of Migga will turn out to be everyone to us. I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that the number of people in your village is increasing, though of course your first priority is the people in the village you live with.

 Now I'm heading to the Kingdom of Migga, where I'll meet the King of Migga, Hiccuped Migga, and my sister.
 It's a very strange feeling, but coming to this place where there was originally a village of wolf beastmen, I feel strangely calm. Maybe it's because I feel like Athos is here with me.
 The illusion that Athos is with me pushes me back.

This is the first time I'm visiting the Kingdom of Migga. Even if the king of the Kingdom of Migga is not hostile to us, anything can happen. But we'll definitely return to the village.

 Ran seems to be thinking a lot now that he's back in this place, so close to the Kingdom of Migga and the Kingdom of Fairytlov.
 I am strangely calm, I don't feel bad about going to the Migga kingdom, but that's because I am a godson.

 Because I'm a godson and I know what it's like.

I'll be fine. "Don't worry, Ran, I don't have a bad feeling about this, so I don't think it'll be too bad.

 It may not be absolute, but I know from past experience that a child's "feeling" is a powerful thing. So I said that to reassure everyone.

 Then Ran and the others smiled as if they were relaxed a little.

 --We'll reach the Kingdom of Migga soon.
 And there, I'll meet many people. And this will be a big step for our village.

 I don't know what will happen. But at the same time I'm looking forward to it.

 I'm going to meet a boy who is only a little older than I was when I became a king, and my sister, with whom I've never had a conversation at all.

 With these thoughts in mind, we entered the land of the Kingdom of Migga.

 --The Girl and the Road to the Kingdom of Migga 2
 (The girl, a divine child, entered the land of the Kingdom of Migga.