344 Girl and The Kingdom of Miga (2)

 We are on our way to King's Landing.
 In the meantime, we have to pass through several villages and towns.

 I'm not ...... sure, but the beastmen, especially Nilsi and the others, seem to have some thoughts about the scene.
 The people of the Kingdom of Migga were terrifying to us. In the village, the people of the Kingdom of Migga often spoke down to the beastmen, but as we approached the royal capital, their voices changed. Of course, many people in the Kingdom of Migga harbored such feelings toward beastmen, as their thoughts had been engraved in their minds since ancient times.

 Nevertheless, the closer they got to the capital of the Kingdom of Migga, the less ill feelings they had toward the different species, thanks to the work of Hiccuped Migga.

 Nilusi and the others wore their hoods deep in the city, trying not to be recognized as beastmen. Surprisingly, because the city was so crowded, the Nilsies were never discovered. In recent years, many of the different races that had been cast into slavery had become free, so it was possible that the presence of beastmen would not be a surprise.

 As much as possible, Ran and I, who are human, have been acting outside the city.
 Incidentally, in a big city like this, it is normal to exchange money. Saddha and her friends had prepared the money for us.

This is delicious, young lady.

 I bought some meat skewered on a stick and tried it. It tasted like nothing I had ever tasted before, and I couldn't help but smile at how delicious it was.

 The man who was selling it smiled at me.

 He smiled kindly and cared for the little child, and I could see no hostility in his expression.
 When I walked around the city with Ran to gather information, there was a peaceful scene. It seems that until recently, the Kingdom of Migga was in the midst of a civil war. The people of the city were worried that it would become even more desolate in the future.

The current king is a scary man. He did everything he could to grab the throne. The current king is a scary man. He did everything he could to grab the throne, but if he hadn't acted that way, this country would be in a lot of trouble.
And the current king has made life easier than the last one.

 That's what Mr. Lan and I heard.

 --"Hiccup Migga is a terrible man," he said. But life now is easier than before, they said.
 Of course, they weren't the only ones who said that. The spirits Frene and Ware, who had come with me out of the city, had been collecting these rumors for me.

 Some say they do not approve of Hiccup Migga, the king who plundered the throne.
 The country seems calm. A place of tranquility where one can find a moment's peace. But this is not the only place where peace prevails.

 ...... I wondered if the village we live in will have similar problems if it is transformed into a country in the future.

 People smiling peacefully.
 People going about their normal daily lives.

 They are people who live normal lives and would never do anything to threaten a beastman with their hands.
 Even if they have condescending thoughts about different species, they don't have the power or energy to actually reduce them to slaves.

 ...... The people of the Kingdom of Migga who caused us to flee are still alive.
 They laugh and speak to each other like this. I was able to realize that even though the Kingdom of Migga has hunted down different races, it is only one aspect of the Kingdom of Migga.
 I realized that the more people there are, the more there will be people with different thoughts and actions.

I went to ...... and went out for a bit.
What did you think?

 Nilusi and his friends also put on their hoods and went outside for a while.
 Because of the size of the city, Nilsi and the others were able to go outside for a while without being noticed.

 When Nilsi came back, she seemed to be thinking about something. Mr. Ran spoke to Nilsi.
 Incidentally, this is a town inn. Since there were a good number of us, we rented several large rooms under Saddha's name. It was the first time for me to come to this kind of place, so I felt happy when I came to one of the rooms of this inn.

 In one of the large rooms, we are gathered together.
 Some of the Saddhis have left for the city and have not returned yet.

I thought to myself, "......, people are living in the city of Migga Kingdom as usual. My village was attacked by the Migga Kingdom, and my friends were reduced to slaves. So, to be honest, I hate the Migga Kingdom. Still, the knights who delivered the beastmen to the village on Hiccup Migga's orders, and the people who live in these towns, are alive and well. Smile like it's natural. I used to think that the people who attacked the village were like demons who had no heart, but now I realize that they are not all like that.
Do you have mixed feelings?
Yes, I do. ....... It's indescribable. Of course, I can't stop feeling that I can't forgive those migga kingdoms, but my feelings change as I come into contact with them. ......
That's the way it is. And when I meet the King of the Migga Kingdom again, my feelings and Nilusi's feelings will change as well.

 Nilsi and Ran were having this conversation.
 It seems that Nilusi and the others are also thinking about many things as they interact with people in the city of Migga.

 I'm sure that just as I feel something when I interact with new people, Nilusi and the others will also feel something, and their future will probably change as a result.

 I thought about this as I talked with people in the city.

 And after that, we passed through several places and arrived at the capital.

 --The girl and the Kingdom of Migga.
 (The girl, a child of the gods, interacted with people in the streets of the Kingdom of Migga and felt many emotions. And as she did so, she reached the royal capital.