345 Girl and The Kingdom of Miga (3)

 The royal capital of the Kingdom of Migga.
 --A lot of buildings lined up.

 And because it's a big city, there were soldiers checking the entrance to the capital. But Saddha and the others from the merchants' association guaranteed our status and we were able to enter without any problems.
 Mr. Lan said that the Venetian Chamber of Commerce has earned a certain level of trust in both the Kingdom of Migga and the Kingdom of Fairytlov.
 This is why ......, Saddha and others can easily enter this place.

 In addition, when they visited the kingdom of Migga, the king Hiccup Migga arranged for them to easily enter the capital.

Lerunda, it seems that Alice is also in the capital of the Migga Kingdom.
...... I see.

 Saddha told me that my sister is in this place after hearing from the people in the capital.

 She had heard from the people who had returned from the kingdom that my sister would soon be coming to the kingdom of Migga. My sister is already in this country. --I was struck with a strange feeling.

 In the capital, we took a lodging.
 Of course, Saddha took care of it.
 Even so, ...... there are non-humans in this royal city. ...... and they seemed to be living here.

 Nilusi was about to run off, but Ran stopped him. Maybe he knew some beastmen.
 However, it would not be good for us to cause a commotion in the capital, so we would have to talk to them later.

 I've heard that the Migga Kingdom doesn't want us to stand out either. It's just what I heard from the Venetians.

"Hey ......, Gaius. There's a lot of people here.
Yeah, ........ I don't feel comfortable in a place with so many people.

 Gaius and I look at the city from our room at the inn. Naturally, I make sure that Gaius can't see my ears even inside the room. He said that it might make him stand out if a beastman was staying at the inn.

 In this royal city, there are many people walking the streets. And there are many stores. In our village, there was only one store, but I wondered how there could be so many buildings with so many people.

 And at the far end of the city - a pure white castle that can be seen from anywhere in the city. There are many big buildings in the capital that I've never seen before, but the royal castle is even bigger. It made me wonder how people could live in such a huge building.
 I wonder if our village will be transformed into a country one day, and a castle will be built there.

Sadda and the others said they'd arrange a meeting for us, but ...... I'm nervous.

 Gaius seemed to be talking less and less.

 Gaius has a strong feeling of hatred. That goes for Nilsi too. Even Nilshi, who is an adult, has such feelings. Gaius has always harbored such feelings.
 Time may solve this problem, but it's not that simple.


 I shook Gaius' hand.

"It's okay. You're with me, you're with Ran, you're with Nilsi, you're with all of us.
Ha ha. ...... I know. Lerunda is going to see ...... your sister, right? Is Lerunda okay?
Yes. I'm fine. I'm nervous about meeting my sister, but I'm calm.

 The fact that I don't have a bad feeling about this makes me confident that the kingdom of Migga itself is not our enemy. This does not mean that nothing will happen to us during our stay in this country.

 That makes me uneasy, but if I don't have a bad feeling in my gut about it, I think I'll be okay.

This time, the goal is to meet with the king and bring the captives back to the village, but it may be much further down the road, ......, but it would be fun if we could set foot in this country more and walk around this place with impunity. I think it would be fun to be able to walk around this place with confidence.
"That's true, too. I think it would be fun to be able to move freely in King's Landing too. I don't always have good feelings about people, but I think this capital is beautiful. ....... I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.

 I'd like to take a look around sometime.

 Our village is known to the king, Hiccup Migga, who knows about our village. Ran and the others are aware that there is no problem with that. Nevertheless, if the entire kingdom of Migga were to become aware of our village, it might cause some complications.
 That's why we're acting cautiously here.

 Still, one day, when we can get along with the people here well enough to walk freely in the capital, such a future may come.

 The future that I couldn't imagine in the past is getting closer step by step like this.

 --After a while, Sadda-san told me that he was ready to meet the king.

 --The girl and the Kingdom of Migga.
 The girl is relaxing at an inn in the Kingdom of Migga.