346 Girl and The Kingdom of Miga (4)

You ...... are the ones he was talking about.

 We left the inn to meet Hiccup Migga, the king of the Migga kingdom. Not all of us. It would be too conspicuous if we all went to the king together.

 Here we are: myself, Ran, Saddha, Gaius, Fresne, Ware, Nilsi, and Todra from the tribe. A few more are on their way with us in case something goes wrong.

 And so, Saddha took us to the rendezvous point.

 What we met there was a man with a strange vibe. He had scales on his hands and feet. Something like scales on his hands and feet.
 He didn't give me a bad vibe at all. --I wondered if he was a different species. When I was thinking that, the man stared at me.

"...... is that the godson he was talking about?

 I'm not sure what to do. --I'm not sure what to make of that. But ...... I don't have a bad feeling about it at all, so I don't think it's hostile to me. It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

"...... Yeah. I'm Kamiko. Who are you? You look a bit like a dragon, Mr. Douroian.
"You've met dragons before, have you? ...... Yes. We are of the dragon race. We have the blood of dragons in our veins. But I've never met a dragon. ....... You're a wonder child. It's strange to see you getting along so well with the different races.
"...... since you said I have no small influence on dragons. Maybe that's it.
"Oh ......, so this is what it feels like.

 The interested dragon man looked at me and nodded. The man did not look uncomfortable when he heard that I was influencing him. He just nodded his head.

 After that, I listened to the dragon man, Mr. Jelov, and headed for the royal castle.
 As the castle is called a royal castle, it is said that there are many hidden passages in the castle. He said that this was one of them.

 Mr. Jerobo told me about the time he met a king named Hiccup Migga.
 One of the dragons was captured by the brother of the now deceased king Hiccup Migga. Then a connection was made and together they succeeded in revolting the country. The country seems to be calm now.

 --It was the kings who made this country what it is today, the Kingdom of Migga.

 With great determination, with great will -- and with the fulfillment of his rebellion -- he became king.
 ...... I remember the king. I saw him when I was defending Gaius. He was only a little older than me, like a boy. He did great things and became a king.
 I knew I couldn't hate him.

 It's not as if he acted with the intention of killing Athos, although he was the cause of Athos's death. ...... I think that such an event happened due to a combination of various factors.
 But if Gaius and the others have hatred, so be it. I don't know if it's because I'm a godson or because I have this personality, but it's up to each individual to feel that way.

 Gaius's hands were trembling slightly. Gaius had a difficult look on his face. I grasped his hand.

 Gaius must be thinking about a lot of things.

 Gaius looks at me. I nod toward him. Gaius sees that and laughs. I was a little relieved that Gaius smiled.

"...... Lelunda, we'd like to meet the dragon too. Would you be willing to take that chance?
"Yes. I'll have to talk to Mr. D'Aulën about it, if that's okay.

 I nodded at Jelov's sudden words.

 As a dragon clan member, I guess I am concerned about Mr. D'Oroyean, who is a dragon. I wonder if they are similar to Biller and the others in that respect. The dragon tribe and the winged ones may be different in many ways, but they still seem to be similar.

 Still, I had never heard of the dragon race. I wonder where they live. There must be many more races in this world that I don't know about, I thought.

"This guy is related to spirits, isn't he? No, it's more like her race has a little something to do with spirits.
"But they can't see us, so it seems like a small connection. But even if he can't see us, maybe he cares about them.

 Ware and Fresne were having this conversation above my head and Gaius'.

 Apparently, the dragon race has a small connection with spirits. I wonder what the connection is.

 While I was thinking about this, Jelov took me on the road to the royal castle, and we arrived at our destination.

 --A girl and the Kingdom of Migga.

(The girl, a child of the gods, meets the dragon tribe and is led to the king.