347 Girl and The Kingdom of Miga (5)


"Wow. ......

 I couldn't help but let out a small squeal because the open space ahead of me - the inside of the royal castle - was so sparkling.
 It was a large building with an atmosphere like nothing I had ever seen before.
 The corridors were wide, and I wondered if even the floor was made of a material I had never seen before. Every time we walked, there was a clattering sound.

 I've only known a small village, only known a small world, and that's why I didn't feel comfortable in such a big, shiny place.

 We were taken to a room as we were led.
 We didn't see anyone during this time. They must have chosen a place with few people to move around.

 There was a man of an age that could be called a young man. A beautiful man I had seen only once before. His beautiful silver hair sparkled. His yellow eyes look at us. ...... No, he was kind of staring at me.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Hiccup Migga.

 He said and looked at me and Gaius.
 Then he got up from his chair, walked over to us, and bowed his head in surprise.

"I'm sorry about that.

 We immediately realized when he was talking about. --He was referring to Athos. He was talking about Mr. Athos, and the attack on Nilsi's village, and everything else.

 He bowed his head, and I didn't know how to react. Gaius just stared at us and didn't say anything.
 It was Jelov and Ran who opened their mouths to those of us who were at a loss for a response.

"Hey. A king shouldn't bow down so easily.
...... You're right. Lerunda and the others are also puzzled. We know from the knights and beastmen who have come to the village that Lord Hiccup has acted to change the kingdom of Migga. Could you please raise your head for once?

 At these words, Hiccup Migga raises his head.

 Then he looks at Mr. Ran.

"Nice to meet you. My name is Landono Stoffer. I'm Landono Stoffer, and I'm the temporary educator of Alice, the girl who was considered to be a divine child. Thank you for taking the time to come and see us.
Oh. I've heard about you from ...... Nina. Alice has been wondering about you too. I've done things that deserve to be hated and even killed. ....... Thank you for taking the time to help me.

 Hiccup has had conversations with his sister - the fact that he has had conversations with her is enough to make him feel strange. I've never had a conversation with my sister. .......

I'm not asking you to forgive me. I don't care if you don't. But I can't die yet. --You can kill me when the kingdom of Migga is stable and you have an heir. But until then, I hope you can wait.
"...... I'm not trying to kill you. It is true that my father may have been killed because of you, but ...... killing him will not bring him back.
You're right. Gaius is right. Killing you won't change anything. In fact, if you're trying to change this kingdom of Migga, you need to live.

 Gaius and Nilusi said in response to Hiccup's words.

 Oh, Gaius is amazing, I thought. When Athos died, he cried, he was depressed, but he talked about his goal to build a country.
 And when the knights came, he said he felt such hatred that he wanted to kill them.

 And Gaius said he didn't want to kill them.
 --Gaius had the strength to say that, and I thought he was amazing from the moment I met him.

 I've been thinking that Gaius has been amazing ever since I met him. Nilusi was full of hatred for humans when I first met him, but over time, he has changed to the point where he can say these words.

"...... I see. Then I'll live long enough to make this country a better place. I'm going to build a good relationship with you and create a country where even different races can live comfortably. And of course, a good country for the people of the Kingdom of Migga. It may be difficult to come to terms with different cultures, but I pledge to you that ...... I will build such a country.

 When I heard those words, I thought.

 I'm sure that Hiccup, the king of Migga, has the same thoughts as us. I felt a sudden sense of closeness when I realized that he shared the same desire to create a safe place that Gaius and I had vowed that day.

 Nilshi and the others nodded in agreement with Hiccup's words.

 We then discussed with Hiccup the idea of bringing any beastmen who wished to come to the village. He also promised to help us if any problems arose when our village was exposed to the public.

 Saddha, Nilsi and Ran were working on the story.
 They said that Nilsi and the others would be meeting with the beastmen trapped in the Migga Kingdom later. I told Mr. Hiccup that I wanted to meet my sister, and he agreed to arrange the meeting, so I went to her.

 --The girl and the kingdom of Migga.
 (The Shenzi girls have a conversation with the King of the Kingdom of Migga)