348 Girl and The Kingdom of Miga (6)

 I'm going to see my sister now.
 The thought of it makes me nervous.

 In my memory, my sister was well-liked and surrounded by people.
 I did not live as a family to my parents or my sister. Even though I was a twin, I was never allowed to have anything to do with my sister, and I didn't really think of her as family.

 When I was living in the village, I never thought much about my sister. I never thought about her or wanted to do anything for her.

 --The reason I want to see my sister now is because I have been through a lot.
 I think I have changed since my parents abandoned me. It's strange to think back. As much as I've changed, I'm sure my sister has changed too.

 --But I don't have a bad feeling about it.
 But I don't have a bad feeling about it. That's why I'm waiting with Ran in a remote room of the royal castle.

I wonder what's going on with Alice.

 I heard that Ms. Ran had spent some time with her sister. I don't know the details of how she actually interacted with her sister.
 I do not know the details of how she actually interacted with her sister, but she was in a position to talk to her sister as her educator. In that sense, she probably knows my sister better than I do.

 My sister and I were family, but we were farther apart than anyone else.

"Hey, Ms. Lan. I wonder if I can get along with my sister.
"If Lelanda wants to be friends with you, you'll be fine.

 Mr. Lan laughed at my words.
 After a while, there was a knock at the door.

 Then the door opened and there was my sister. Not only my sister, but another woman is there. But I just stared at her.

 She's just staring at me.
 --For a while, my sister and I just stared at each other. But it ends with the other woman's words.

Alice, let's say hello. Just staring at each other is not enough to convey anything.
"...... Yes. Mr. Ninaev.

 My sister looks at the brown-haired woman and smiles softly.
 I was surprised by her smile. The sister I had seen before was always confident and never smiled softly like this.

 Seeing this, I realized that she was not the same.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Ninaef Faerie. I'm Hiccup's fiancée. Here, Alice.
"...... Well, well... It's been a long time.

 My sister opened her mouth with a look of trepidation. It's been a long time since I've seen her like this. I'm not sure what to make of it.

It's been a while. Alice.
I'm sorry!
What are you apologizing for?
"I heard you were expelled because of me. ....... I'm sorry.

 When Ran called out to her, her sister bowed her head .
 It was the first time he had seen her bow her head. Ms. Lan looked more and more surprised.
 I had never had a conversation with my sister before, nor had I ever looked her straight in the eye. But I know that her attitude is nothing like the sister I used to see.

 Ms. Ran smiles.

You're right. You gave me a hard time in the past. But that's the way it is. Whatever the past, I'm glad you're able to apologize to people now. If you had grown up like that, it would have been even worse. You've met a good man, haven't you?
"Yes. ....... Ninaef-sama never gave up on me.

 My sister was relieved when Mr. Lan smiled at her. She gave a small smile.
 Mr. Ninaev and Ms. Lan both looked at her with kind eyes.

 Then Mr. Lan looked at me, who remained silent.

Lerunda, you want to talk to Alice.
"...... Yes.

 I felt strange looking at my sister, and I didn't know how to speak up, so I was silent.
 I opened my mouth at Ran's words.

"Well, I'm Lern Da.
"And I know. I'm Alice.
"Yes. I know you too. Um, .......

 Sister and sister.
 We're sisters, but we don't know what to talk about. We know each other, but we say each other's name and then we are silent.

My sister is .......
Lerunda is .......

 Then they both open their mouths at the same time and are silent again.
 We looked at each other and laughed.

 I had never imagined that my sister and I would laugh together. My sister and I were on opposite sides of the spectrum. My parents treated my sister and I differently, and I thought she was special and different from me.

 However, when she smiled in front of me, she looked just like a girl my age.
 It was only when I saw her face to face that I realized that she was not as special and different from me as my parents said, but a normal girl my age who was my "older sister.

"Lelanda. I don't want to be your sister, I want to be Alice. ...... You are my sister, no matter what your parents said.
"...... Alice.

 I was nervous to call my sister Alice's name.
 It was the first time I had ever called my sister's name properly. To me, my sister was only my sister, not someone to be called by name.
 When I called her name, she smiled beautifully and happily.


 Alice never called me by my name in the village where I grew up. We never spoke to each other.
 And I had never called her by her name either.

 Maybe that's why we called each other's names. I was happy that Alice called my name, and she was happy that I called hers.

 We laughed and laughed, calling each other names until we were satisfied.

 --The girl and the Kingdom of Migga (6)
 (The child girl meets her sister and calls her name)