349 Girl and The Kingdom of Miga (7)

 My sister, Alice, calls me Lerunda.
 I call her Alice.

 That's all that's normal for two sisters, but for me and Alice, it's something special.

Lern Da, I'm sorry.
"......, why are you apologizing?

 After calling each other names, Alice bowed to me, and I felt strange.

 I don't remember that Alice herself had given me any trouble. I don't remember Alice doing anything to me, even though she was singled out and the conditions in the village where I grew up were harsh.

Even though Lernda was the divine child, my parents probably treated her badly because they thought I was special. I didn't know you were my sister and I didn't care about you at all. And I've always been selfish. ....... When the priests came to take the child away, I didn't think that I wasn't a child, and I didn't doubt that I deserved to be treated as special.
"That's not something ...... Alice should apologize for. I also recognized Alice as my sister, but I never cared for her or talked to her. Now that I've left the village where I was born and raised, I've been through a lot, and I know now that Alice's situation in that village is not normal.
"Hmm. That's right. Lelunda and I only knew the village where we were born and raised, so that was the norm. I never doubted that I was special until I was taken in as a child and condemned for not being a child. Only then could I have doubted that I was not special.
"...... I didn't think I was special either. I thought Alice was special and I was not. I had a lot of experiences because I left the village where I grew up. I've realized that I'm a godson more than ....... But still, I think Alice is special to me.
What's that?

 Then Alice smiled.

 That smile was beautiful. But at the same time, she has the loveliness that comes with age. When I saw her smile like this, I felt like I was dreaming.

 --Seeing her smile and talking to her made me realize that Alice and I hadn't lived up to our potential in the village where we grew up.

 I deserved to be ostracized, I never thought for myself, I didn't know what I wanted to do. I didn't care about myself. It was natural that people around me didn't care for me or didn't call me names.
 When I met Gaius and the others, I learned to take care of myself and to think for myself.

 Alice, on the other hand, took it for granted that she would be treated well, and she was allowed to just say what she wanted to do. She didn't look at others because she was special and didn't think about anything other than what she wanted to do.
 Through the rebellion in the Kingdom of Fairytlov, Alice became aware that she was normal, and learned to think.

 People worry, think, and live.
 That's why Alice and I didn't live properly in the village where we grew up.
 But now, Alice and I are laughing, thinking, and living.

Lelunda lives with beastmen, doesn't she? I've never really been around beastmen.
I've heard that there are some in the Kingdom of Migga now. ......
I'm not allowed to meet them at the moment. I'm not allowed to see him at the moment, because I don't think I'm good enough for the people who know that I used to call myself a godson. ......
You said you used to call yourself ........ Alice only said it because she was told to, right?
It's the same for people around you, they said you were and they believed it.

 "For people around you, it's the same as saying your name and believing it.
 I thought that Alice was properly facing the life that she had been living.

 She is not running away from the reality that she spent some time as a divine child in the Kingdom of Fairy Trop, and that she has caused hardship to those around her.
 I was impressed to know that. She is aware of the perceptions of those around her and has accepted them.

 I wonder if Alice is a little more mature than me because she is my sister, even though we are twins and the same age. We have the same birthday, and even though we are the same age, she seems like an older sister to me.

Alice is strong, isn't she?
"No, Lelanda is stronger than you, isn't she? I wouldn't be able to survive if my parents abandoned me.
That's because I was a godson. I managed to get food, and I met people I loved. I don't have the luck of being a ...... child, but I'm still moving forward.
"I'm here because of Ninaef-sama. If it weren't for Ninaef-sama, I would have been executed.

 Such a surprising thing was said so easily.

 Even though Alice was a deity, she was still in a dangerous position. I was glad that Alice met Mr. Ninaev and that Mr. Ninaev saved her.

 I am grateful for the miracle of being able to talk to Alice face to face.

 And so Alice and I continued our conversation incessantly.

 --The girl and the Kingdom of Migga.
 (The girl, a child of the gods, converses peacefully with her sister and thanks her for the miracle.