The four men had drawn their swords and were in a fighting stance.
 ...... I never thought I'd be fighting so soon after starting my shift. It seems that being a gatekeeper in this city is just as hard work as I've heard.

Who the hell are you?

 I asked the men.

"What were you planning to do when you killed and replaced the merchants and invaded the city?
"Did you think I'd give you a straight answer?
 "Did you think I'd give you a straight answer?" the guard's mouth twisted.
"There's no point in talking to a man who's about to die.
"I see. I'm sure you'll have plenty of time to talk about it after you get him.
...... Pull it. Adolescent.
Hey, Mr. Zeke. I'll call for backup! Just hang in there until then! You can do it, right, B-rank adventurer? See you then!

 I'm not sure if you've heard of it or not.
 ...... It's so fast. I'm not sure if he was that fast.

"Hahahaha. I'm sorry to hear that.

 The men laughed and laughed at him.

"He's your boss, isn't he? He's your boss and he just ran off without you. There's no limit to how heartless he is. You know?
You went to call for backup.
Are you serious? If that's the case, you've got a lot to celebrate.

I don't mind.
The boss getting away with it? You're very tolerant. It's your life on the line.
No, I just thought you didn't need backup. I'm more than capable of handling you guys on my own.
You've got a talent for getting on people's nerves, apparently.
I'm just giving you the facts, okay?
"...... (click)

 The men had blue streaks between their eyes.

When the incompetent boss returns with backup, you'll be lying in a heap, bloodied and lifeless!

 I timed my parry well with the sword that the Gosha man held out to me. The man's center of gravity collapsed, leaving a gap.
 Then he struck a blow with his sword.

I'm not sure what to say.

 The man was struck in the torso, which was unprotected, and he fell helplessly. The guards who were watching the scene were in a panic.

"Yang did it so easily ......!
He's a very skilled man!
Let's all go at once!

 The men guarding him came at him from three different directions.
 I duck under the first one's cutting edge.
 The other side, wary of my sword movement, immediately tries to take a defensive stance. So I hit him in the face with my shield and stunned him.

"Poof! ......!

 Stars must have been flying in front of the man's eyes as he fell on his back. Shields can be used for attacks like this.
 It's useful because it can catch you by surprise and it has less gap than a sword.
 I took advantage of the gap created when he tried to swing his sword, and slashed him from shoulder to waist.
 As I swung my sword, the last man jumped into my pocket. As you can imagine, I can't react instantly to this.

Okay. I got it!

 His opponent had a look of victory on his face.
 That was the moment.
 The sword that the man guarding him had swung out was broken from the root. After a short delay, the blade fell to the ground with a high-pitched sound.

"Is it ......? What ......?

 The man guarding it looked as if he had been pinched by a fox.

I'm pretty sure I just slit his throat. ......! So ...... why is my sword broken ......?

 And then a look of realization comes over his face.

Did you cast some kind of granting spell on it ......?
No. I'm not wearing anything but this light armor. No spells on it.
Impossible! So you're saying you took my attack in the flesh? And yet my sword broke in half.

 The man guarding me muttered quietly, his face pale.

If that's true, how strong is your body ......?

 He slammed his shield into the face of the unarmed man, who had lost his weapon. With a small scream, the man fell on his back and fainted.
 I glared at my surroundings and then put my sword back in its sheath.

"Phew. Took me longer than I thought.

 Just then, I heard footsteps approaching from behind me. I turned to see Mr. Lambda rushing toward me with a group of other guards.
 Among them was Captain Bolton.

'Mr. Zeke! I've managed to call for backup--" "What? Where are those people from earlier? I can't seem to see them. ......

You're lying there.
What? You killed it all by yourself?

 Mr. Lambda was surprised.

"Was it bad?
No. No, it's not bad, but... I didn't think I'd be able to do it by myself. ....... Oh. It's disgusting.

 Mr. Lambda chuckled in annoyance.

"Let's take these guys in for now.

 The guards went to restrain the men. They tried to bind their hands.
 Just then, the men made a move.

"d*mn it ....... I can't just sit here and let them catch me like this. We'd rather die than sell information about our friends.

 The men's eyes became determined and they drew the daggers they had hidden in their pockets.

That's not good! He's going to kill himself!
"d*mn it. There's no way to stop him in time.
"Too bad. I'll see you in hell.

 The men drew daggers from their pockets and tried to scratch their own necks, but nothing happened when they drew the points of the daggers.


 He was not injured and not a drop of blood came out.
 The men, Lambda, and the guards were all puzzled by the strange phenomenon, but only Captain Bolton and I understood the situation.

"Zeke. That's your skill, isn't it?

"Yes. If I take care of their attacks, they won't be able to hurt themselves.
"So you 'protected' them. Interesting use.
 Captain Bolton laughs.
"Hey. Take them into custody while you still can.

 The guards bound the men's arms with enchanted rope.
 There's no escape now.
 The guards took the men away.
 Only me, Captain Bolton, and Ms. Lambda are left behind.
 Captain Bolton said to Miss Lambda.

"Lambda. You can call for backup, but you can't leave Zeke here alone. What if something happens to him?
I'm sorry.

 Mr. Lambda apologized.

"d*mn it. Well, Zeke ain't got the balls to take on a bandit. But remember, it's your job as a supervisor to protect your subordinates.
You're right, sir. Yes, sir.
Come on.

 Captain Bolton put his hand on Mr. Lambda's shoulder and walked away.
 The color drained out of Mr. Lambda's face, which had been sullen. He looked coldly at the back of Captain Bolton's face.

"Remember ....... d*mn it.

 I knew I hadn't misheard.
 It was he who was swearing.
 And Mr. Lambda, thinking I hadn't heard him, muttered to himself.

'...... Newcomer. Because so are you.

 Apparently, I'm being hated on too.
 I'm used to being hated by demons, but I never thought I'd be hated by my boss, my mentor, from day one. .......
 This is going to be a pain in the ass.