The Strongest Gatekeeper – The Expelled Warrior With 9999 Defense Is Unmatched As The Gatekeeper Of The Royal Capital

Sieg is an adventurer with incredible defensive power, and he always uses himself to attract the monsters’ attention to assist his teammates. However, the party leader just focused on offense without realizing Sieg’s intention, so he kicked him out. After Sieg left, the team repeatedly failed multiple quests … At the same time, Sieg took the position of the gatekeeper at the Royal Capital. Thanks to his defensive power, he was quickly promoted to division captain. His subordinates included a carefree big-breasted Swordswoman, a perverse freakish girl, and an Archer with an erratic temperament. He and the girls started slowly gaining the trust of the people around them!

Author: Tomobashi Kametsu 友橋かめつ
Chapters: 70

Sono Monban, Saikyou Nitsuki: Tsuihou Sareta Bougyo Ryoku 9999 no Senshi, Outo no Monban Toshite Musou Suru; その門番、最強につき~追放された防御力9999の戦士、王都の門番として無双する~