The carriage was running down the mountainside.
 The way back was blocked by rocks. Even if we tried to remove them, we would be surrounded by demons.
 In the end, I decided to go on.  

...... d*mn. It's hot enough to kill you, and the demons are attacking you. It would have been better if we had just headed straight for the plains.

 Spinoza threw up in disgust.

"...... You know what? Can you please stop saying what everyone else is thinking? Do you enjoy diminishing others?

 Femme says in disgust.

"I mean... Who are you? Who said anything about cutting through the vindictive valley? You're a total war criminal. You're usually so high and mighty.

 Gregor's face was distorted by the sarcasm.
 The atmosphere was grim.

It's no use thinking about the past. Think about what you're going to do now.
 I'll try to get everyone to change their minds.
"You're right, Zeke! You're right, Zeke! Let's move forward! Even if it's hot, it's a bargain when you think of it as a free sauna!

 Seira clasped her hands in front of her chest, trying to inspire everyone. She seems to be the toughest one mentally.

 For a moment, everyone relented. That's when...
 There's an explosion overhead.


 Everyone in the room looked up in the direction of the sound.
 Was it some kind of explosive magic that had been activated? The rock face of the slope had been gouged out. The crumbling earth and sand was coming at us with great speed, trying to swallow us.
 For a moment, I saw the shadows of demons on the cliff.

 --They were probably setting us up.

 Before you can duck, you're swept away in an avalanche of sand. We were thrown off the mountain path. The horse and cart are thrown into the air.

 --Shit. That's not good. ......!
 At this height. If we hit the ground, we'll be dead. Sonia, the horses and the wagon won't survive it.
 I'll open the top leading from the platform to the cart.

"Your Highness. Excuse me.
 I said, and hugged Sonia to my chest.
"What ......?
 I'm sure you've heard of it.

What are you suddenly doing ......?
It's to protect you. Bear with me for a moment.

 I hold Sonia close to my chest and deploy my Iron Shield skill.
 This will protect the horse and cart from damage, as well as Sonia and her friends.
 The carriage descends and slams into the ground. It rolled down the slope. Everyone's damage is coming to me.
 Eventually, the wagon stopped sliding.

"Are you guys okay?

 I ask my friends in the 5th squad.

"Yes, sir.
"...... looks like you saved our lives.

 They all reply.
 The horses are still whinnying.
 There was no sign of a wreck.
 ...... Somehow we managed to survive without anyone being injured.

"Your Highness. Are you hurt?
"...... Yes, yes. I'm fine.

 I'm fine," Sonia said in a muffled voice.

But your face seems to be flushed. I'm sure you've been injured somewhere and are running a fever.

 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

I'm sure ...... will tell you everything is fine. Now get away from me. You're driving me crazy.
I'm sorry, sir.

 When I released her, Sonia put her hand on her chest and exhaled. I'm not sure what to do.

"Are you okay, Zeke?
 Seira asked with concern.
"It seems you've been defending us. ......
No problem. I'm strong.

 I said and brushed the dust from my armor with my hand.

You're a hell of a guy.

"...... I'm so glad you're one of us. I'd be horrified if you were my enemy. I don't think I'd be able to beat you.
And what about Gregor and the others?
Apparently, they didn't get caught. The landslide the demons set off was only aimed at our wagon.
So you knew that the light maiden was riding here?
The Order Commander is here. You'd think they'd be on the other side.
...... I can't help but think that they're privy to our internal affairs. The enemy has our information.
You're saying there's someone on the inside? Who is it? Who is it? I'll find him and blow him up," Spinoza said angrily, slapping his palm with his fist.
"Are Gregor and the others safe?
They've had training too. They'll take care of themselves. If they can make it to the Sacred Spring, they'll join us.

 I said, "Just.

"Before we can join them, we must first get out of the predicament before us. ...... It seems we're being welcomed with open arms.
I'm not sure what to say.