51-Activities of the 5th Squad

 A pack of mighty orcs lined up on a cliff.
 These are demons that shouldn't exist here at all.

"What? What do you mean?
 Seira shouted in agitation.
"Shouldn't demons be able to live in this valley of sorrow?
"That's because they don't live here, Seira," said Fam. Apparently, we were ambushed.

 I'm pretty sure that's true.
 They knew we'd be here.

"Hey! You're talking crazy! What's going on?

 Spinosa shouted to Gregor and the others running in front of him.
 Gregor was even more upset than the rest of the 5th squad.

That's ridiculous. Why are they here ......! You don't think they knew about our plan, do you ......?

 Gregor peeled his eyes open and spat in an incomprehensible manner.
 He scratched his head, unable to hide his upset.
 Even demons can't lie in wait for long in this environment. They'll run out of steam waiting for us to arrive.
 That's why we chose this route.
 But they were waiting for us to arrive. With a force the size of which had no idea we were headed for the Coral Plains.

 I mean...
 They didn't just hit us on the head. They knew our route, they knew our arrival time.
 It makes sense.

Oh no. ......! Confronting them in this place is ......! The odds are just too stacked against us. ......

 Gregor muttered as he grunted.

"Ah! Everyone, look! There!

 Seira pointed to the sheer cliffs above us.
 A line of mighty Orcs.
 They were holding huge boulders that were bigger than they were.

"Hey, hey. They can't be ......
"Uh-huh. Sounds like it.
Are you going to drop that rock? No, no, no! There's not enough room to dodge on this narrow road!

 Of course, that's what they're trying to do.
 It seems they're pretty clever.
 Maybe the demon tribe leading the orc pack is doing the thinking for them. The combination of a powerful demon and a smart one is extremely troublesome.

We're going to get crushed by a rock!
Master Gregor, your orders!
Ugh. ......! But ...... in this situation!

 The members of the Order had completely lost their minds.
 It seems that they have been swallowed up by the sudden predicament.
 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.
"Be quiet.
 She said this in a clear and powerful voice.
 As if echoing her words, the place was enveloped in silence.
 After attracting everyone's attention, Sonia solemnly spoke.

What are you traveling with me for? It's to protect me. For now, you just have to do your part.

 "You say that so easily.
Spinoza complains, "You make it sound so easy.
 Spinoza complains.
I will not order you to do something you cannot do. I've sent you on this journey because I know you can do it.
 His confident words spurred everyone to courage. When you say things in a definitive tone, it makes you feel like you can really do it.

 The Orcs all dropped huge rocks at once.

Here they come! What should we do?
We're going to be flattened.
We'll have to do it anyway. --Spinoza. I'll throw you in the air. I'm gonna throw you in the air. You're gonna smash the rock with that axe. Can you do that?
Whoa. I got it!

 Spinoza says, rolling up his sleeves.

But what about after that? Even if you break the rock, the pieces are pretty big. If it hits a carriage or a horse, it's not good.
"Don't worry. I'll take care of everything else.
Huh. What the hell?

 Spinoza laughed.

But, well, if you say so, it's worth the gamble. I'm in. I'll bet my life on you. It's the game of a lifetime.

"Oh. No harm done.

 I said, and took the sword from my waist, sheath and all.
 I point the sword upward.
 Spinoza climbs onto the sheathed sword.

"Okay. Let's go!

 I put all my strength into it and raised the sword as high as I could. Spinosa flew high in the air, defying gravity with her momentum.
 A huge rock loomed in front of her.


 Without a second thought, she swung her great axe, which was as tall as a man. With a single, focused blow, she shot through the huge rock.
 A just-meet.
 The huge rock was shattered by the blow that hit the core.

"Mr. Spinoza! The next one's coming!

 Spinoza delivers the second blow. Again, the giant rock is shattered. --But right behind it, the next one was coming.


 Now Spinoza has followed through.
 There's no time to reorient.
 If she doesn't, she'll take a direct hit from the giant rock.
 --That's when it happened.
 An arrow flew through the sky and pierced a point on the giant rock. The next moment, the giant rock shattered like a mud dumpling.

"Mr. Pham! That was amazing!

"You shattered a rock with your bow? ......?

 Gregor's expression is one of disbelief.

"......Everything has a weak point. If you hit them where they are, even a single arrow can shatter a rock.

 Femme smiles wryly as she holds her bow.

You don't have to fly as high as she does.
"What the hell! You're making fun of me!
I'm just feeling sorry for you. I just pity her for the inconvenient way she fights. --My bow can fly while I'm on the ground.

 He reloads the arrow and shoots it precisely at the falling rock.
 The arrow catches the weak point and causes a rupture in the rock's structure.
 Thanks to the efforts of Spinoza and Pham, the falling rocks are crushed one after another. --But that wasn't the end of the matter.

"Mr. Zeke! There are rock fragments!

 Fragments of crushed rock rained down on the carriage like a meteorite.
 This is the first time I've ever seen such a thing.
 If this continues, the carriage in which Sonia is riding will be pierced.

"No problem. I'll protect your highness.

 I climbed onto the roof of the carriage and opened my arms.
 Activate the Iron Shield skill.
 This will put up a shield in a five meter radius around you and prevent all attacks that land there.
 If it's a huge rock before it's crushed, it's difficult to prevent due to its power, but if it's a piece of rock after it's crushed, it can protect the entire carriage.
 It cannot be activated for a long time, but it can be withstood until the fragments rain down.
 The pieces of rock that fall like rain will pierce the ground one after another. --But the area around the carriage I was guarding was peaceful.

"Stupid ......! I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who can protect the carriage. ......?

 Gregor looked at him in amazement.

 That was when the knights cheered.


 Rock fragments were about to rain down on the knights in front of us.
 I'm too busy with Sonia's carriage to stop it.

I'll protect you all! Aaah!

 Seira leaped in front of the knights and sliced through the rock fragments with her sword.
 She dispelled the rain-like debris with her wind-like gestures and swordsmanship.
 She was dressed in bikini armor, and in exchange for her defensive abilities, she had an overwhelming amount of offensive power and agility in her body.

"Ladies and gentlemen of the Order. Are you injured?
Oh, yeah. I'm sorry.
But why did you help us? We've treated your Guardsmen badly. There's no reason to protect them.
We're your friends now, protecting the princess.

 Besides," said Seira.

No matter what they've done to you, I will help you. No one deserves to be saved.
What a spirit of compassion. ....... Are you a living copy of the goddess ......?
My cloudy mind is being purified ......!

 The knights were completely bonded before Seira's compassionate heart.
 Before they knew it, the rain of rock fragments had stopped.
 The Orcs must have run out of rocks. Perhaps they felt that they were outnumbered in close combat, and withdrew to regain their positions.
 --They seemed to have survived for the moment.

Well done, sir.

 Sonia, who was sitting on the back of the truck, said motionlessly.
It's the first time I've seen you guys fight. ....... That's great. I didn't expect it to be as good as it is.
Thank you.

 I thanked Sonia reverently.

But for my part, your Highness is a man of great courage. I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that even in this predicament, you haven't changed a bit.
"Hmph. Hahaha!

 I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.

I'm a priestess of the light, how dare you! --Zeke. I'm sure you're as good as I thought you were.

 He must have hit the nail on the head.
 Sonia had tears in her eyes and was laughing while holding her stomach.
 It was the first time she had ever shown a smile. --It had the innocence of a girl running barefoot through a field of flowers.
 After laughing for a while, she looked satisfied and said.

Death is not far away for me. It is always with me. Therefore, I am unfazed by the predicament I find myself in.

 Her tone was clear and calm.
 Sonia's expression had already returned to that of a princess.
 That made it all the more bizarre.
 --She didn't seem to be toughening up. She meant it. The Grim Reaper is standing right beside her with a scythe.