The carriage carrying Sonia left for the Sacred Spring.
 Eleanor and the rest of the knights in the diversionary force had ten carriages. And there are only two of us driving through the Valley of Sorrows.
 They are not designed for battle, but for quick movement.
 We are approaching the fork in the road between the Coral Plains and the Valley of Tears.

We'll stay here then.
Eleanor. Be careful.
"Mmm. Thank you. With those words of yours, I can fight to the bitter end. There's nothing to fear in the power of love.

 Eleanor smiled thinly.

I'm thinking of getting married after this battle is over. ......
You shouldn't say that.

 I don't know why.
 I don't know why, but it seems like the kind of thing that would seriously lower my chances of survival.

It's okay. I'll make sure the diversion goes off without a hitch. I'll see you later. I'll wish you luck.

 Eleanor and I looked at each other.
 Then Eleanor looked away as if she couldn't take it anymore. She pressed her cheeks together, her face flushed with red.

...... No. You can't stop the throbbing in your chest when you look at me. I'm sorry. I think my face is going to burst into flames.

 Eleanor and the rest of the knights were heading towards the Coral Plains.
 The two carriages, one with Sonia and the other with Gregor, were heading towards the Valley of Vengeance.

 After a while, we reached the Valley of Vengeance.
 The whole landscape was as dull as charcoal after a fire. Many parts of the terrain were scorched as if they had been burned just a moment ago.

Ouch. ....... Hey. What the hell is this place? It's too hot, no matter what. ......! This is no place for people to be. ......!

 Spinoza, who was standing beside the carriage, said with disgust.
 All of them, except for you and Sonia, were escorting the carriage in case of emergency. It's hard to move quickly when you're on the back of a cart.

"I told you. I told you, it's no place for living things.
 I said.
And I have a bad feeling about this place. I feel like my body and soul are slowly being drained just by staying here. ......
"Apparently, there's a dense miasma in the air. If I stay here too long, I'll probably run out of energy.
Liquor. I need a drink. ....... I'd like a nice, cold ...... drink.
"...... you. If you drink, you'll be dehydrated and unable to move more.

 Fam muttered in response to Spinoza's moan.

I'm still dressed like this, so I'm not as hot. ....... I'm not sure if you're okay with that, Fam? I'm sure the heat will build up inside of you when you're dressed like that.
"Looks like you're okay, doesn't it?

 Spinoza said.
 Pham, dressed in black, was not sweating. She looks cool.

 --But I didn't miss it.

No. Not really. He's been sticking his tongue out a lot. I think he's trying to regulate his body temperature that way.

 Spinoza interrupted me.

"Well... Zeke. What about you? You don't look beat up at all. Maybe you're just holding back?
No problem. I'm used to enduring things.

 Ever since I was an adventurer, I've stood at the forefront of the party and endured all kinds of attacks from demons.
 I'm not going to get weak under this kind of environment.

Seriously? You're a monster. ......
"Take it easy and drink plenty of water. If you get heat stroke, you won't be able to march.

 I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that.

"Drink some water too, Princess.
"Yes. But I don't need it. I don't have the fragile spirit to be upset by this kind of environment.

 Sonia said firmly.

"Well. You're just sitting here.
Mr. Spinoza!
Oh, no. Do you have to say something to make me feel better? You're not very smart. You'll die young.

"I'm determined to live a short and thick life. That's why I drink as much as I want and say what I want without hesitation.

 Spinoza was proudly beaming.
 We can't help but smile.
 Martyrdom to one's own desires.
 In a way, it's a graceful and pleasant way to live.
 I don't hate it.

But I'm glad there are no demons. If I had to fight in this situation. I wouldn't even be able to see.

 Seira looked relieved.
 The Valley of Vengeance is a poor environment. It's not really suitable for fighting. If the demons attacked, they would certainly be outnumbered.

I'm afraid it's going to happen.

 I muttered, and everyone reacted.

"Mr. Zeke. What do you mean?
You should see the top of the cliff.

 You should look at the cliffs. The air was thick with miasma, and there were many shadows.
 I looked at them.
 There was a pack of demons.