35-Darkness Crash

 Time and place have changed.
 A cave located some distance north of the city of Esthar.
 At the deepest part of the cave, the members of the Red Lotus Fang were confronting the Red Ogre. It was to complete an A-ranked defeat mission that Nahato had received.

 Its two horns towered as if to pierce the heavens.
 Golden eyes that shine with a mysterious glow.
 Its heavily muscled physique looked as if it had been smeared with blood.
 In the face of the onslaught of the Red Ogre, a Class A monster, the members of the Red Lotus Fang were helpless and on the verge of extinction.


 The Red Ogre tries to rush towards the wizard Haruna.
 The Red Ogre tries to rush towards the wizard Haruna, but she can't dodge because she's in a chanting position to unleash her magic.

"d*mn it, ......! You idiot!

 Nacht, the swordsman, stands in the path of the rush as a bulwark.

"...... No way!

 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.
 I'm going to act to protect someone other than myself. This was something that had never happened to Nahat before.
 They thought that Nahat was that desperate.

 Ever since Zeke had left, [Red Lotus Fang] had been constantly failing in its missions.
 The guild and other adventurers were skeptical of the current Red Lotus Fang.
The guild and other adventurers were skeptical of the current Red Lotus Fang, wondering if Zeke wasn't the one who had effectively supported its strength.
 The rumor that Zeke, who had recently been employed as a gatekeeper in the royal city of Astaroth, had been very active in the battle against the undead army also added to this theory.
 That's why Nahato and the others were forced to accept the A-rank mission this time. They wanted to prove their strength.
 If they failed, they would be completely discredited.
 Our position, our honor, everything we've built up is at stake.
 That's why Nahat was desperate. He did what he had to, even if it was something he would never normally do.
 His action to protect Haruna was also based on this thought.

 Whether it would work or not is another story.
 Nahato tried to catch the rush with his shield, but the moment the Red Ogre's body collided with his, he received a tremendous shock that made every bone in his body pop.

Nahato's feet hit the ground.

 Nacht's sole was ripped off the ground and slammed into the rock face behind him. Nacht's feet were ripped from the ground and he slammed into the rock behind him. It was blood.
 The Red Ogre shifted its target towards Haruna again.

"Eat me!

 The Red Ogre turned his target towards Haruna again, "Eat me!" Haruna hadn't fully developed her magic yet, but she decided that she couldn't wait any longer and unleashed a fireball.
 It's not as powerful as full power, but it disappeared when it touched the body of the Red Ogre. There was no sign of any injury.

"...... No good. It's not enough time for me to work on my magic. I'm not sure what to make of it.

 There's no point in lamenting about it. We've got to get through this now. If we don't, the Red Ogre will kill us all.
 Haruna made up her mind and raised her voice.

"Irene. I'm going to prepare transfer magic to retreat, so cover me!
"...... please.

 Irene gave a small nod and drew an arrow from her bow.
 Irene nodded slightly and drew an arrow from her bow to draw the attention of the Red Ogre. They hit the body one after another, but none of them pierced the flesh and fell to the ground.
 But no matter. The goal has already switched from defeating to escaping.
 In the meantime, Haruna was working on the transfer spell for her return.
 A magic circle was being drawn on the ground.

"Hey! That's bullshit! What's with the transfer magic? Don't judge me on your own! You can't just abandon your mission like that!

"We have no choice! We're going to get wiped out!
"I don't care if you guys give up, I'm not giving up! If we turn tail and run back, the guild and the town will make fun of us!

 Nahat desperately screams to stop Haruna.

You don't care if you lose the Red Lotus Fang? This is an order! Stop it now! I'm going to defeat the Red Ogre with you!
"Shut up! It's not worth your life!

 Haruna shouted to drown him out.

I'm not sure what to make of this, but I think it's a good idea.
What? ......?
It's ......, right? That's what we thought too. I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one.

 Irene followed suit, muttering.

"Hey, you guys, ......!
"Okay. It's done! Let's get this thing going!
"Hey, stop! Can't you listen to me?

 I'm not sure if you've heard of it or not, but I'm sure you've heard of it. It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.
 The Red Ogre unleashed a powerful claw strike towards Irene, but it did not hit her and only cut through the air.


"d*mn it ......, you've got to be kidding me ......!

 Nahat was wandering in a dimly lit alleyway.
 He walked as if he were a ghost.

 His eyes were blazing like a beast's, and his face was very pale.
 A negative aura was emanating from his entire body.

 After failing the A-rank mission, [Red Lotus Fang] was disbanded.
 It's not like the Adventurer's Guild made them disband.
 Haruna and Irene said, "Hey. Can't we just bow to Zeke and ask him to come back now? Nahat threw them out.
He was the key to the party after all. The only reason we were able to fight was because he was able to stop the enemy from attacking us.
I agree. I think so too. I didn't realize it until he was gone.

 I couldn't forgive her for saying that.
 The girls who claimed Zeke was better than them...
With the dissolution of the Red Lotus Fang, Nahat was alone.
 The fact that he had failed in his mission had already become a rumor throughout the city, and it was unlikely that any party would accept Nahat, who had always been a bad person.

It's his fault we're in this mess. It's all his fault. ......!
"Do you regret it? He took everything from me. 

 Nacht was walking down a dark alleyway, spitting out a curse, when suddenly a voice poured out. The voice was dark and cold, as if coming from the depths of the earth.

Who is that ......?
'Don't worry. I am on your side.

 The black shadow called out to Nahat. As if to seduce him.

"Wouldn't you like to get back at all those people who made fun of you? I will give you the power to do so.