19-You really?

The night of the day.
 The Tomb of Sorrows, on a hill north of the royal city of Astaroth.
 Under an icy full moon.
 The undead leader of the army, Lich, stood on the hilltop where the tombstone stood, looking down on the city below with a fearless smile.

...... The day has finally come. The time has come for me to take the Orb of Light into my own hands.

 Rich is a powerful wizard who became undead in order to become immortal.
 He was once human and has inherited all the knowledge and experience of his past life.
 He was once a great wizard, so great that his people called him wise.
 That was hundreds of years ago.
 Wanting to master magic, he became enchanted by the power of the Demon Lord and became an undead.
 The Demon Lord was sealed away by a hero.
 Rich is convinced that one day, the Demon Lord will return to the world.
 And the only thing standing in his way was the Orb of Light.
 The Orb of Light, enshrined in the royal city of Astaroth, is both a weapon to defeat the Demon King and a wedge to seal him away.
 By taking the Orb of Light and destroying it, the Demon Lord's resurrection will come closer.

The last time we attacked, we couldn't finish the job. But this time is different. We've been hiding underground, building up our strength. ......

 The last time we attacked, we came with fifty troops.
 But this time, we were able to double that - we had a hundred troops. We've also added undead created from the corpses of those in King's Landing.

The opposing forces have yet to make up for their loss. Unlike the undead, humans can't be replaced. They need to be nurtured slowly over a long period of time to be useful. The undead can become excellent soldiers if they put enough magic into them.

 It's inconvenient to be human.
 It's much easier to live as an undead.  

Sir! We're ready to go.

 An undead soldier came calling for Rich.

"Hmm. What's the situation over there? What's going on?
"Yeah. Well, you see, ....... There's only three men posted at the front gate. There's no other guards in sight.
What? Three? Did you just say three?
Yes, sir. That's right. There's a large man, a blonde haired woman and a woman who looks like she's from a bad background. And there's only three women in revealing armor.

 Rich was silent for a moment.

"...... Crap! Hahahahaha!

 "This is a masterpiece.

"This is a masterpiece. Only three of us against an army of a hundred! Have they already given up on us?
It could be a trap. ......
It doesn't matter how many traps are set, they can't be stopped by that many people. We can push our way through with an army of a hundred.

 Rich said.

If they've gone to the trouble of sparing us, we'll storm them with impunity. We'll attack the royal city of Astaroth head-on!


 The Knight Commander, Gregor, was on guard duty at the royal castle.

 An orb of light is kept in the treasury of this royal castle.
 So to speak, this was the last line of defense in the battle.
 To lose the Orb of Light would be to lose the battle.
 Therefore, it must be absolutely protected.

"Commander! An army of undead has attacked King's Landing! About a hundred of them are rushing to the front gate at once!
They... They've come through the front gate? That's how confident they are. And? How many guards are stationed at the front gate?

 About fifty, Gregor guessed.
 There are stone walls around the city, wards, and interceptor weapons. The undead army would not be able to penetrate easily.
 So they will come for the front gate.
 The guards will anticipate this, and will devote the most men to the defense of the gate. They will try to defend it with all their might.
 But .......

It says there are four of them.

 Gregor gave a quizzical look.

I wonder if I just misheard ....... I thought I heard four. I'm sure that's not true. ......?
"Four! Only four of the fifth squad of the guard are stationed there. The rest are stationed on the city walls and in the streets.

 Gregor's eyes widened.

What the hell are you thinking? What are you thinking! Are you going to allow the enemy to invade? You can't possibly stop two hundred troops with just the four of you!

"But Commander Bolton is all about 'Leave it to them, they'll take care of it. He refuses to listen to us.
"d*mn it! That's why they're useless guards! Tell the knights! Tell the knights to prepare to intercept them at once!

 I'm not sure what to make of this, but it's a good idea.
 What can you do with only four guards? At this rate, the undead army will break through and invade the capital any minute.
 I'm sure the knights under my command will report back.
 When that happens, we must protect the royal family and the treasure.

 Gregor thought that he would soon receive a report from his men that the undead army had broken through the gate and entered the capital.
 However, the report did not come for a long time.
 Meanwhile, the time was ticking away.

Something's wrong. What the hell is going on at ......?

 I'm not sure if the knights have also been wiped out?
 But I can't move from here.
 I sent one of my knights on an errand.
 After a while, he came back with a change of blood.

"What's wrong? What's going on?
"Well, that.

 The knight in charge said in dismay.

No undead army has entered King's Landing yet. They seem to be engaged with the fifth division of the guards at the front gate.

 Gregor was shocked as if he had been hit in the head with a blunt object.
 The knight's report was that unbelievable.
 It had been well over an hour since the battle had begun.
 And yet, we're still able to hold them off? 

 Four men alone against an army of a hundred undead!
 That's ridiculous. That's impossible!
 Did Bolton lie to us?
 Is it true that in order to deceive your enemy, you must first deceive your allies? --No, but! Why would he do that?
 Thinking that he might be under some kind of hallucinogenic magic, Gregor banged his head against the wall, but it hurt like a son of a b*tc*.
 If that's the case...

I'm not sure if it's really just the four of us fighting ......!