The next morning.
 When we got to work, the guards were upset.  

"Hey. Look, ......! All the guys from the 5th squad are coming to work. ......!
"Not only is Spinoza here, but Pham is too. These two guys have never even listened to their superiors' orders properly.
What the hell did Zeke do to you, ......?

 They were surprised when I just showed up for work on time.
 You can see how Spinoza and Pham are treated as troublemakers.

"Ah. My head is all over the place. ....... Oh, man, I feel like crap. Hey, you guys. Go get me some water for my drink.
"Yes, yes!

 When Spinoza gave the order, one of the guards rushed out.
 I don't know what they'll do to me if I refuse.
 The emotion that was driving him was one of fear.

"Spinoza. You're hungover, aren't you?
"I didn't mean to drink so much last night. I didn't mean to drink so much last night, but I couldn't remember. The sun was rising outside my window. Ugh.
I told you not to drink the day before a job.
I know. I'll be more careful tomorrow.
Starting today.
Heh heh.

 The guards who were watching us were in a state of excitement.

"Zeke's guy, how can he be so brazen and careful with Spinoza? Doesn't he want to spare his own life ......?
In addition, Spinoza is also trying to obey ......? When the previous squad leader pointed this out, he was half killed. ......
I don't know if you've ever heard of this, but I've never heard of it. I think he recognizes that Zeke is more powerful than he is.

 That's when it happened.
 Femme tried to swing the dagger she had hidden in her pocket at me.
 I noticed this and grabbed her arm.

"You're pretty intense this morning.
It's just skinship. It's just skinship. It's just skinship. You've been so focused on Spinoza. I wanted you to see a little of me.
That skin-to-skin stuff could get you killed.
Don't worry. I wouldn't do that to anyone but you. You're the only one I'm messing with. I'm gonna keep you in my sights 24/7.
That's a death threat if you ask me.

 Well, I wouldn't be hurt by an attack like this. --Of course, I'm sure Fam knows this.

It's the first time I've ever seen Pham pining for someone else.
I've never seen Fam miss anyone before. It's too dangerous! I'm sure you're not the only one.
Are the people of the 5th squad, including the squad leader, problem children?

 I've been treated like a problem child too. Why?

Hmm... It's more fun and lively when everyone is together. I'm so happy that I can start working with you guys today!

 Seira was smiling as she said this.
 In a squad full of troublemakers, she might be heretical in her innocence.
 I thought that she might be a heretic, but the bikini armor she was wearing was just as heretical.
 Maybe they were all heretics after all.

"Hey. You guys. You guys came to work?

 Commander Bolton came in front of us.

But I didn't expect you to get these guys so quickly. Zeke. You've got a talent for leading people as a squad leader, don't you?
You're giving me too much credit. It's no big deal.
Well... That's not the point. We got a problem.
What's going on?
...... Actually, it seems that an army of demons will be attacking King's Landing soon. It's the undead who have taken up residence in the Tomb of Sorrows.

 The guards shouted in astonishment, almost screaming.

Are you sure about that?
Yeah. I got a call from the reconnaissance guys. They're getting ready to fight. At this rate, they'll attack us this evening.

 The blood drained from the faces of the guards.

That's not good. ......
The city is doomed this time. ......!

 "This is the end of the city. !" They all looked very pessimistic.

"Are you that strong? I asked.
"They attacked us about a year ago. We managed to keep them out that time, but they did a lot of damage.

 Commander Bolton muttered as he thought back to the past.

There were many dead. We lost a lot of men in that battle. It was a nightmare. I still dream about it a year later.
"The Knights! Are they going to join us? The guards asked.
The Knights will concentrate on protecting the royalty and nobility. It's our job to take the brunt and defend the city.

 Commander Bolton smiled to himself.

"They said that. They told me to be a wall and stop the demons at all costs. We'll pick up their bones.
"d*mn it! We're nothing!
They're getting paid more than us, but they can't be serious! It's always the common people who get the short end of the stick!

 The guards were indignant.
 It seems that the Knights are a group of elite men who serve the royal family and nobility to protect the treasure. I guess that means they don't go to the front lines.

"Well. Now, we're going to decide where to defend. The most dangerous is the defense of the gate in front of the wall that surrounds King's Landing. ......

 That's when Commander Bolton said it.
The guards all reacted with rejection.

The gates are the front line! It's like going to your death! We don't want to go there!

Don't be stupid. I don't give a shit if you don't wanna go. We gotta do this to protect the people in this town.
"Then let us take care of it.

 When I came forward, everyone in the room looked at me.

"...... Zeke. Are you insane? 
Do you have any idea how dangerous this is?
Yes. But we can't leave the gate unattended. If we do, the undead will invade the city and people will be in danger. Somebody has to do it. Then we'll take care of it.
...... Are you sure you want to do this?
Absolutely. Is that okay with you?

 I ask the others.

That's what we want. I'm gonna beat the shit out of you till there's no bones left.
"I have no objection to that. I'll make you arrow bait.
I'll do my best to protect the people of this city!

 Looks like they're up for it.

I can trust you guys to do it. ......, but don't overdo it. If you think you can't do it, leave immediately.

 Commander Bolton said.

There's no shame in that. Okay?
"Yes, sir. I understand.

 I nodded, and Commander Bolton nodded too.
 And the Bolton Commander told the guards.

"The battle comes at night. That's the only time they can show their strength. So if we can hold them until morning, we win.

 His voice was strong enough to override the fear of the guards.

"You guys. Prepare yourselves. You must fight with all your might to protect the Orb of Light and the people of the city. If you do, we'll win!

The battle against the undead army was about to begin.